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Dhoni’s Daughter Ziva may study in Dehradun

Ziva is soon going to start going to school. As the paps snap her every cute move and everyone goes gaga, sources reveal that Dhoni has been looking for a

In a conversation with Model Shubham Chauhan

Name: Shubham Chauhan Age: 21 yrs Hometown: NEW DELHI Current City: Mumbai Height: 6.1 Eye Colour: Brown How did your career start? Well, I started my career when my cousin advised me to opt for

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3 Most Popular Anchors In Dehradun

Beyond The decorations and arrangements, the real charm of an event is the anchor. Blowing life into the event making things happening and attracting audiences are the three tasks an


10 Brands You Thought Were Foreign But Are Indian

Each one of us can recall going shopping where a high-end brand's store had cast a spell. As you enter the shopkeepers yell at half price were replaced with a

Kamlesh Nagarkoti stuns everyone in Under 19 World Cup

India had a great start in the Under 19 World Cup 2018 winning against Australia. The match was a clear win for India with 100 runs. Amongst the highlights of