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Do you know these Super Models are from Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand people are leading in every sector, either its army or IT so how come they left behind in the fashion industry. There are hundreds of male and female models

अर्चना तोमर : रूढ़िवादी समाज से निकल कर एक सफल बिज़नेस वुमन बनने तक का सफर

अर्चना तोमर का जन्म उस समाज में हुआ था जहाँ महज कुछ साल पहले तक बेटियों को पैदा पहले ही कोख में मार दिया जाता था और अगर गलती से

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In a conversation with Model Himanshu Shailey

Mr India Universe 2016 Himanshu Shailey has been a cricketer and certified fitness trainer. Other than being valued for his looks he possesses some of the most remarkable qualities. Unlike


Pacific Mall celebrates the success of its initiative ‘Doon Book Bank’

Pacific Mall, the most celebrated shopping destination of Dehradun, has always striven to bring out the best of Dehradun. On 13th October 2018, Pacific Mall celebrated the success of its

Shivam Ravnit : 1st Model from Bihar to compete on international platform

Himalayan Buzz Team had a conversation with Mr Universe Tourism North India 2018 Shivam Ravnit, who represented India in Mr Universe Tourism in 2018. Shivam is a Medical Student in Manila,