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An Interview with Vivek Chaudhary, Mr Uttarakhand 2018

Young, suave and handsome Vivek Chaudhary from Roorkee won Mr. Uttarakhand 2018 Worldwide. Recently we got a chance to have a talk with Mr. Uttarakhand 2018 about the contest and

In a conversation with Sanjeev Nagar

Name: Sanjeev Nagar      Age: 22 Home Town: New Delhi  Current City: New Delhi Height: 5'7 How did your career start? I started my carrier through fitness modeling and acting. I was a normal guy

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5 Popular Gyms in Dehradun

There are more than thousands gym in Dehradun at present. All are performing well and creating awareness in people about health and fitness. Here are the top 5 popular gyms


Kamlesh Nagarkoti stuns everyone in Under 19 World Cup

India had a great start in the Under 19 World Cup 2018 winning against Australia. The match was a clear win for India with 100 runs. Amongst the highlights of

In a conversation with Model Vishnu Malhotra

Name: Vishnu Malhotra   Age: 23 Home Town: Dehradun Current City: New Delhi Height: 6'3 Eye Colour: Brown  How did your career start? It all started when I was having a conversation with one of my friends from