Dehradun has no dearth of gyms and fitness facilities for health and body-building enthusiasts. But when it comes to world-class facilities there is just a handful of them. If you’re an avid and experienced gym-goer then you must have noticed that many gyms don’t have the latest equipment, lack knowledgeable trainers and hygiene

Most gyms are run by owners who themselves are unaware of proper exercise and nutrition. They see and run their gym only from a business point of view. Their only claim to fame is that they have decently developed bodies and money to invest in a gym.

By now, you must be confused. Finding a gym that aligns with your goals is very crucial to your fitness journey. Selecting the wrong gym can mean loss of money, time, and in many cases even health!

So which Gym is best for those who want good coaching from qualified trainers?

Sportsfit By MS Dhoni is the obvious answer. Chances are that if you live in Dehradun you must be already aware of this famous gym whose founder Aman Vohra is a world-class powerlifter and a strongman.

Here are some of the reasons why Sportsfit by MS Dhoni is considered to be one of the leading gyms in Dehradun.

Centrally Located

Sportsfit is located at Rajpur Road opposite the Secretariat which makes it accessible from any part of the city. Be it Dalanwala or Rajendra Nagar, people can easily reach this location.

Experienced and qualified Trainers

To be a trainer in Sportsfit, the trainers have to be highly qualified in training and nutrition. All trainers are certified with good communication skills, Gym patrons don’t need to go for personal training. All the trainers follow the latest cutting-edge training methods and nutritional guidelines.

Advance Training Equipment

Sportsfit has some advanced gym training equipment. It has enough treadmills & Spin bikes. So unlike other gyms, you do not have to wait endlessly for your turn of cardio session.

Safe Space for Women

Women’s safety is a major concern in gyms all over India. We often hear news of sexual harassment and blackmailing by Gym Trainers. But in Sportsfit, they have zero tolerance for such acts and a proper address system for all grievances.

Balanced Male & Female Ratio

Unlike other gyms, Sportsfit has a higher number of female clients. The gym also has female trainers to cater to female clients who don’t feel comfortable with men.

Gym Culture

Sportsfit has a very good gym culture. The gym hosts many events throughout the year along with its anniversary, where gym management awards their clients on their performance basis to motivate them.





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