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An Interview with the Man of the Globe 2019, Rishi Chopra

Rishi Chopra is a model and fitness enthusiast who grabbed the Man of the Globe title, which was held in the Philippines, for India. Recently, we interviewed him regarding his career and future plans.

How does it feel to win the Man of the Globe pageant?

It feels really good to be the Man of the Globe International Pageant winner because I have always had a dream of representing my country at the international level.
Winning the pageant adds icing to the cake.

Please tell us something about yourself and also let us know in brief about your background.

I belong to a Jain family that has been living in Bangalore for almost 4 decades. I have been staying in Bombay for almost 6 years now. Talking about my studies I am a BBA graduate and also hold a degree in fashion design.

How was your experience during the Man of The Globe pageant?

I have always loved traveling and exploring new places.
In this pageant, I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of the Philippines.
I thoroughly enjoyed the culture, the local people, and the languages.

You can be honest about it; did you expect that win?

Yes, deep inside. I have always had that confidence that I can be the winner of this pageant because I have almost everything the judges are looking for in a winner.

How did your friends and family members react to your victory?

Everyone was shocked and surprised because they knew I’d be in the top three for sure, and winning made them so happy because every member of the family had supported me throughout the journey. Friends have always motivated me to dream big and helped me achieve them; winning this pageant is one of them.

All the finalists literally stayed together for more than a week, how was the bonding with other boys? Made any friends?

The bonding with all the boys is really good. I made a lot of friends, even though a few candidates couldn’t speak English. We are still connected, and we are still in touch. This is the best thing about this pageant, language is not a barrier.

Who was your biggest competition in the Mam of the Globe pageant?

Mr. Indonesia because he had all the qualities to be a winner and was also a very good human.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?

This pageant truly focuses on child advocacy, so they were looking for somebody who is really attached to the children and can carry their legacy forward.

Did you always want to be a pageant winner?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, it was my dream.

Lastly, any message to all the aspiring boys who dream of representing India on an international platform?

The message to all the young men and women who aspire to represent India on a global scale is to be genuine, work hard, and add wings to your back.
You can achieve anything. Make India proud.



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