Amaan Iqbal, a Casting Director from Dehradun has made a mark with his charector (Karan Pandit) in the movie “Kashmir Files”. This handsome and charming lad is doing theatre & casting for along period & have done some shorts movies as an actor too. Himalayan buzz team recently interviewed him.

How was your experience in the “Kashmir Files” movie?

Well honestly speaking it was a bit ‘ used to’ experience for me after the direction team approached me to play the character of “Karan pandit” and then it happened smoothly. I didn’t face any kind of challenge because adapting a character and then playing it out easily is something that I have practiced all my life in the theatre. So overall it was a great experience and adventurous also because when you know that the subject is too dark and it can create political controversy.

What kind of response you are receiving for your performance in Kashmir Files?

Well, performance and aesthetics are secondary things people are noticing about this film because the subject and the script are taking all the attention. There are a few thespian friends or people from the film industry who noticed the acting part and who have appreciated the performance. Rest everybody is concerned about the subject of the film and appreciates me for being a part of such a movie.

On the internet, I received a huge amount of messages and comments after the Kashmir Files. I received a lot of hate comments also for not taking a part in promotional activities for this film and was targeted by my name and identity although the reason was that I was busy with another hectic Netflix project. And on the other hand, I received a lot of calls from different media channels for interviews, and other public platforms to speak along with the other star cast of the movie.

A bunch of invites to ‘Samman Samaroh’ kind of events hosted by political parties where they have distributed the honor and momentos to the cast. Though I couldn’t attend any such events. The happy part is always receiving appreciation from my friends, family, and the people close to me. I would like to thank everybody I have mentioned above for their gestures and love.

How did you start your journey in films & theatre?

I started my journey of acting in my early college days and continuously did the theatre as an actor and director. It’s been around 12 years since I am into learning and teaching acting. When I moved to Dehradun in my teens I joined “Parvatiya Abhirang Natya Sanstha” and been a part of many drama productions then I joined AAINA which was formed by the thespian who came out of the previously mentioned society ‘Abhirang’. We have done a ton of workshops, plays, and commercial plays under the same society. I later moved to Mumbai in 2015 and quickly got a movie called ‘Ramlila of Pampapur’ but unfortunately it didn’t get released. I started doing casting and took a break from cinema acting but continued doing theatre and started training new buds. I always thought of doing out-of-the-league projects as an actor.

You also work as a casting director. Which are the major movies you cast for?

Yes, I do work a lot of casting work specifically for the North India requirements because of my hold on the actors in this region. I am associated with all the leading Bollywood casting companies and continue doing work for films, web shows, and commercials.

What kind of challenges did you face during casting in Dehradun?

Well in Mumbai you have a wide pool of talent ocean of actors but in any specific region, you have limited options that are good enough to present in front of the director so the challenge is the street casting people and keep digging actors out of deep areas.

People are lacking interest in theatre shows nowadays. As per you what could be the reason?

People are lacking interest in theatre shows nowadays. As per you what could be the reason?
There is a couplet from famous Urdu poet ‘ Rajesh reddy’

‘सब चाहते हैं मंज़िले पाना , चले बग़ैर
जन्नत भी सबको चाहिए लेकिन, मरे बग़ैर ।।

The main reason for people lacking interest in theater nowadays is because the youth wants to be a superstar instantly. Most of the young talent is busy making internet dramas and cheap content so the theatre practice rooms are getting empty.

Even in Mumbai and Delhi the theatre circle is limited to professional theatre groups only. The culture of amateur theatre is at the edge of extinction because nobody what’s to learn art they are hungry for instant fame only. They would rather buy an expensive phone with the best camera to make reels than invest fee or time to learn acting in theatre. So if there will be no actors, there will be no show and no audience.

Any plan to open an acting school in Dehradun?

I wish I could open an acting school in Dehradun where we can actually train amazing actors and not just make money out of them. Because the youth here is amazingly talented we just have to put them in the right place and path.

As an artist what kind of jobs do you prefer in the film industry?

As an artist, I always want to prefer something substantial and adventurous in which I can scratch out my skills.

What are your plans?

I would like to create good cinema for the people in the future and want to write and direct good films along with acting.




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