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An Interview with Model Parth Dutta

Tall & handsome Parth Datta is an established model in the fashion industry and have hundreds of assignment to date. He is based in New Delhi & we interviewed him about his journey in the modeling industry.

Tell us about your childhood, family & education.
Hello, first of all, Thank you so much for considering me for this beautiful interview! You’re one of the rare editors who value the journey of a model. I’m grateful for it. My name is Parth Dutta, I’m born and brought up in New Delhi only. I stay with my family of 3 mothers, fathers, and grandmother while my sister is married and moved to the USA with her family. I have done diploma in Electronics & communication engineering and from the time I grew up my mother was the only one who wanted me to be a Model and encouraged me to work in this industry.

How did you get into modeling?
I was at a pool party in Delhi where I met one of my friends who told me that there’s a requirement for a fit guy who’s camera-friendly and there came my first ever project where I shot 72 fitness videos for India’s first health and wellness website with. in. I worked for more internet ads with the same director and there was no looking back after it.

How did you get your first break in fashion weeks?
I was doing commercial modeling in my initial days but my first big break in fashion modeling was through India Couture Week in 2017 where I walked for ace designer Varun Bahl and begin my Runway model journey.

What was your favorite modeling experience so far?
My favorite Modeling experience so far was a 3-day shoot for a Samsung commercial campaign in MALSEJH (4 hrs drive from Bombay) with 40 models the shoot location had no network so it was full of fun and made a lot of new friends as I love connecting and interacting with new people a lot.

Which brand would you love to model for?
I would love to model for a brand like Raymond’s as it gives the models huge exposure inside India being such a big brand and their promotion levels are grand too.

Who is your favorite designer?
Meanwhile, I think it won’t be fair of me to name the ones I worked with and be biased. I will choose a designer whom I have never worked with and have always loved his shoots and the whole world adores his work…. Mr. Sabhyasachi. The way he’s making Indian fashion globally viral is commendable.

What are you currently obsessed with/about?
I’m currently obsessed about being a better version of myself, more fit and strong both mentally and physically as I think taking care of our Mental health is as essential as we take care of our physique and sweat it out in the gym. I’m obsessed with good music and Food blogging… I run my food page Bonappetit_delhi where I post my food reviews so I’m taking care of that.

Are you willing to do films too?
I’m very much willing to do a film only if anything comes up. Like I’m much aware of the fact that acting is a craft and needs a lot of learning which currently I’m not working on. But if anything comes up … I’m ready to perform and give my 100% in every field.

How does it feel to be a leading Model in India?
It feels great to be a leading model but at the same time, one should be honest to themselves that it’s a short span and not a long career thing. One should have a great backup and family support. I’m lucky enough I have both and it’s my sincere advice to my young people trying in the industry… attend castings, apply to agencies and never stop trying. Nothing comes up easy and I’m always here to help as I do to a lot of people on Instagram dm … I’m happy guiding them and referring my fellow models too.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
The best advice I have been given in this industry is “If you’re getting decent work in one look, don’t try to experiment on it and lose the work.” As I see a lot of people experimenting with their hair, the body, and tattoos and they do lose a lot of jobs due to the same. So, Just be consistent and give your best on sets whenever you’re working.



Gauraveshwar Singh
Entrepreneur & Writer

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