Nitin Bhandari, hailing from the picturesque town of Dehradun, is swiftly emerging as a prominent model in the fashion industry. His journey started as a cabin crew member, but his growth to a sought-after model was remarkably swift. We recently had the privilege of sitting down with him for an insightful conversation.

Can you share a glimpse of your upbringing, family, and education?

I have always been to sports in my childhood especially football. I even played at the national level in football. I completed my schooling from Dehradun. Most of my family members are from defense backgrounds, so no one had any idea of modelling. So, when I started modelling, it was a completely new experience for us. Afterall, I was just a middle-class boy with dreams of becoming a billionaire.

What sparked your interest in the world of modeling?

When I was a kid, one Neighbour bought a camera. We used to go to different location in Dehradun to click pictures. I used to love getting clicked so that passion was ignited since that time.

Later, during my tenure as a flight attendant based in Bangalore, a photographer approached me for a shoot. This catalyzed my foray into modeling as more agencies came knocking on my door, setting the wheels in motion for an incredible journey.

Could you share the story behind your breakthrough in the industry?

When I joined my first agency, it was a campaign shoot for Zymrat. At that time, I was 20 years old.

What has been your favorite modeling experience so far?

There have been numerous memorable moments yet winning the prestigious Mega Model Hunt by Prasad Bidappa and gracing the runway for Marks and Spencer stand out as cherished highlights.

Is there a brand you’re particularly keen on modeling for?

Undoubtedly, Christian Dior!

Who is your favorite designer?

While I admire many designers for their creative genius, Tom Ford holds a special status in my eyes.

What are you currently obsessed with/about?

My relentless pursuit of self-improvement occupies my mind and heart each day.

Are you willing to do films too?

Yes, Amen!

How does it feel to be a successful model at an early age?

I’m humbled and profoundly grateful for the achievements so far. However, the journey has only just begun, and there’s a long road ahead.

Could you share the most impactful piece of advice you’ve received?

Just run the race the way you want to run it. Don’t worry about running it for anybody else because as long as you run it the way you want to it won’t matter what anybody else says. Just run it for you the way you want to, and you’ll be happy with whatever happens.”




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