Vaishali Verma achieved the prestigious title of 1st Runner-Up in the Himalayan Buzz Miss Uttarakhand 2021 pageant, and her journey of success has been remarkable ever since. With her lively personality and exceptional verbal communication abilities, Vaishali was destined to become an artist, particularly an anchor.

Following her crowning achievement, she relocated to Mumbai and swiftly carved a niche for herself as a proficient anchor in the corporate, entertainment, and wedding realms. We recently had the opportunity to interview this highly accomplished and ambitious winner, and we are thrilled to share our conversation with our esteemed readers.

Tell us about your background, childhood, and education.

I come from the beautiful town of Pithoragarh, surrounded by mountains that hold many precious memories from my childhood. I completed my schooling there until the 8th grade. Since I was young, I had a passion for traveling, so I started my journey at an early age. After Pithoragarh, I spent two years in the NCR (Faridabad) and then attended a boarding school called The Doon International Dehradun for my higher secondary education.

As I grew older, my desire to travel only intensified, and I was eager to embark on my dream journey. I set off once again, this time getting closer to my aspirations. Initially, I tried to attend a university in Bombay, but my story took a different turn. Unable to gain admission there, I thought of choosing a city near Bombay, and thus I decided on Pune. I got accepted into a Business and Media college. Although it may seem like I had everything planned out, my journey so far has been filled with nervousness, fear, doubts, second thoughts, excitement, and more. However, I took a leap of faith and embraced the unknown.

Even as a child, I actively participated in various activities. The stage was like my second home, whether it was dancing, acting in skits, engaging in debates, or showcasing my fashion sense. I always found myself up there, collecting prizes. This trend continued in college, where I had a fantastic start by winning the title of Miss Fresher. I continued to participate in college events as a dancer, anchor, and model. College taught me valuable lessons and provided me with numerous opportunities to grow.

What made you participate in Miss Uttarakhand?

It all began when my mother, who had a dream of seeing me crowned, encouraged me to fill out a modeling application. Initially, I had different plans for my career, and I believed that modeling was only for very tall girls.

However, my mother insisted that I try it, saying there was still time for the COVID situation to improve in the next 5–6 months. She suggested that I just submit the application form, and if it worked out, I could go for it, but if not, it was okay and I could explore other options. I thought to myself, Why not? I had the freedom to give it a try, and that’s how it all started.

What was your reaction when they announced you as one of the winners?

Honestly, when I was trained by the Himalayan Buzz Academy, I started enjoying it. I felt like I could do really well because I was happy to be there. I was fully committed to winning. I remember preparing my introduction and reaching out to my former English teacher, Mr. Atul, from my school days in Pithoragarh. He was an excellent teacher—the best, actually. I asked him, “Sir, can you listen to what I have prepared for Miss Uttarakhand and give me feedback?” He was incredibly supportive and helped me throughout the process. I also worked on my physical fitness, practiced walking in heels at home, and rehearsed my dance routine. When they finally crowned me, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Everything I did and everyone who supported me during this journey seemed to align for that special moment on the stage. Time seemed to slow down, and I had tears in my eyes, along with my makeup. I had to make a choice, though. Can you guess? Hahaha, obviously, I chose to save the makeup. But as I was taught, I gracefully expressed that this moment was meant for me.

How did your anchoring career start?

On the stage of Miss Uttarakhand, while I was getting ready and performing, I caught the attention of Mr. Gauraveshwar, the director of Himalayan Buzz. After I received the crown, he approached me and suggested, “Why don’t you try anchoring?” I was a bit taken aback because my mother had always encouraged me to pursue anchoring, but I had no idea how the industry worked. I mistakenly thought anchors were news reporters, and I wasn’t keen on that type of job. So, when Gauraveshwar sir mentioned it, I replied, “Yeah, let’s see,” without much enthusiasm or understanding.

However, about a month later, Gauraveshwar sir called me again and presented me with an interesting offer. He asked if I would like to walk the runway as a model for free or host an event and earn some bucks. At that time, the prospect of earning money and the thrill of driving alone from Tanakpur (my grandmother’s house) to Dehradun influenced my decision. I took the hosting job.

Mr. Mannu, a natural entertainer and talented anchor who used to host Miss Uttarakhand, became my co-host. I observed him closely, and he provided me with some guidance. As we prepared to open the show, I experienced that magical feeling I had been searching for. If Gauraveshwar sir hadn’t offered me the opportunity, I may have never discovered that magic.

Furthermore, another person had immense belief in me—Mrs. Anukriti Batra, the founder of Plan Your Memories, a wedding planning company, and also my Head Girl at Doon International. Can you see how the dots are connecting? Haha! She believed in me and entrusted me with social events where I learned everything from scratch. I will always be grateful to everyone who believed in me, both in the past and in the present.

What was your major turning point in your anchoring career?

The turning points in my career mostly occurred after I moved to Mumbai. It was a completely new place for me, and I didn’t know anyone in the industry. Luckily, since I had previously lived in Pune, I reached out to a few people there to inquire about the event industry or if they knew anyone I could connect with in Mumbai. However, things took a positive turn when I met a choreographer in Pune. He guided me on how to approach work in a new city. From that point on, I worked hard in my field, and people appreciated my efforts. Recently, I had the opportunity to host the Motorola event at the IWM Digital Awards, where I had a lot of fun meeting and hosting celebrities.

Apart from being a successful anchor, you are a dancer & model too, which role do you like the most?

Oops, you forgot to mention acting! Let me explain it this way. All of my skills bring blessings to different aspects of my life. It’s difficult for me to choose just one because they all have special places and contribute in various ways. However, I must say that as I focus on developing my acting skills, I’m pleasantly surprised by the depth it brings. Each skill has its own significance and assists me in multiple ways.

Do you miss your hometown, Pithoragarh, in Mumbai?

Yes, I miss my hometown, especially going on long drives, particularly the feeling of tranquility that engulfs me when I’m in Pithoragarh. It’s like a special kind of peace that awakens within me. Haha!

Any suggestions for young girls who want to participate in Miss Uttarakhand or any other beauty pageant?

Sure! My advice would be to focus on the journey itself. It’s important to stay open to learning, regardless of the outcome, whether you become a winner or not. Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come since the beginning. Remember, beauty pageants are about showcasing your overall personality, so identify areas where you can improve and work on them. That’s all! Thank you!




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