19th February 2023, New Delhi: The Maison de bose Fashion Week is well underway with India’s best and brightest young designers showing off their latest looks on the runway at Alliance Fran├žaise, New Delhi.

The event aims to celebrate the beauty of all colors, sizes, and ages. Designs featured during the show were works of emerging designers and longtime brands like ‘Wabi Sabi .

Model: Shiva Arora

For founder Santanu Bose, it was always his vision to showcase what the Maison de bose has to offer.

“This is the vision. It’s about community and culture and that’s what we are. That’s why this fashion show is different, that’s what makes us stand out.

The show was just a glimpse of all the fabulous looks seen on the runway. Those who missed the show will be able to see another Maison de bose Fashion Week in May.




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