An passionate adolescent who used to play cricket for his native Himachal Pradesh took a vacation, and guess what? He’s now a popular model. Aryan Kholia is a model and Entrepreneur from Delhi who has launched his own company as creative director, “Konnect Creatives.” I’d like to tell you about a little talk we just had with him.

Tell us about your childhood, family, and education.

My family is originally from Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district. However, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Delhi because my father works for the central government. I also earned my bachelor’s degree from Delhi University.

What led you to a career in modeling?

As a young boy, I was into sports and my sister, a model, showed me a path to this career. I also played for Himachal’s cricket team & Delhi’s athletic team but had to take a break from playing because of an injury. During this time, one of my close friends was really into photography and he started to take my pictures which I would then post on my Instagram. Soon I was scouted by one of the leading modeling agencies and that is how I started my career.

What has been your most memorable modeling experience so far?

All modeling jobs I have done to date are memorable for me, but I can say editorial for brides today is my favorite one to date. I was quite new & nervous; I didn’t sleep well the night before. Because I kept thinking about the people I was going to meet on the shoot and what I was supposed to wear. And during the shoot, I was amazed by the production team, stylists, & fellow models. That was a lovely experience for me.

Which brand you would love to model for?

I want to model for Sabyasachi. I have worked with many major designers in India, but I haven’t got a chance to work with Sabyasachi.

Who is your favorite designer?

I like Rahul Mishra; he makes crazy designs and is well-known in the west too. Another designer that I am obsessed with currently is Shivan & Naresh.


Any plan to move to fashion capitals?

Well even though I was approached by a modeling agency in Paris, my dream to break into the international market was dampened by the covid-19 pandemic. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed for new opportunities.

Any plans to be an actor?

I don’t fancy myself as an actor, I have done TVCs, but I don’t think that at this stage I can fit the role of an actor. However, I am working on my acting skills & hope for an opportunity to show my talent in the future.

How has the fashion scenario changed in the last decades?

I have seen the fashion industry go through a maturing phase in India. Competition has made this industry more structured and professional. Plus, social media trends and the accessibility to a global market thanks to e-commerce have opened a lot of doors for new models.

Tell us about your Startup?

I have a new venture, ‘Konnect Creative’ which I started with my childhood friend, where I work as a Creative Director with a team of talented photographers & cinematographers. Currently, we are in the process to reach new clients to cater to their visual needs.

Any advice for aspiring models?

Be unique, be yourself, and do not try or wish to be someone else. Feel confident in your body, your skin & complexion and always remember reality is so beautiful if you take a moment to contemplate it despite all the worry and grief.




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