A person who makes our day great with her affectionate voice, a person whose voice is as energetic as a black coffee in the morning, Devanggana Chauhan is the most popular RJ in Dehradun and one of the most desirable RJs across India. Devanggana is a household name for her famous show Doon ki Devanggana on Red FM. Recently I had the privilege to talk about her journey.

Tell us about your childhood. How did you start your radio jockeying journey?

I did my schooling at St Thomas School, Dehradun, and spent my childhood days in Dehradun only. I was a studious girl and never thought about being an RJ or anything like that, but somewhere I wanted to have a job where my voice can be heard, so I started my career with All India Radio Dehradun after completing my 12th. Later I applied for Bachelor’s in Mass Communication, During my Bachelor’s, I got to know that Red FM Lucknow has some vacancies for interns so I applied there. At 18, I went to Lucknow on my own to give the interview and I got selected right there. That is how my radio jockeying journey started.

Tell our readers about your journey to date.

I love to connect with people; I love to make people smile. I believe if I can make someone happy & make them feel positive, then that would indicate that my efforts in life aren’t worthless. So, after my internship in Lucknow, I worked in Mumbai, Jaipur, Dubai & now in Dehradun. In Mumbai, I was working with an app called #Fame, where I would visit celebs to show their houses, lifestyles & fitness routines, etc. I did a TV reality show called ‘Drive with Nano,’ which was a truly memorable experience of my life, we traveled throughout India, met different people, and faced many challenges along the way, so the complete journey was an unforgettable time in my life. Before coming to Dehradun, I worked with Radio 4 in Dubai and I was an RJ at Red FD Jaipur for around 8 years too.

You have worked in many cities and traveled across India, which city do you love the most?

It is quite a tough question actually, I would vote for Jaipur first and second Dehradun, or I can say heart belongs to Dehradun and soul belongs to Jaipur. I love the scenic beauty, fresh breeze during monsoon, chilling winters, drives to Mussoorie, tea & Maggie at Maggie point in Dehradun. While Jaipur is more congested because of cultural hotspots, I really enjoy the architecture and the traditional feel with the modern approach that Jaipur gave me. Another thing, compared to Dehradun, Jaipur is a big town, I spent 5 years there, and have made a lot of memories. I attended many events, received many awards, and went regularly to fashion shows. Because of these things Jaipur has a special place in my heart.

How does it feel to be the No 1 RJ of Dehradun?

I feel blessed that people love me so much, they wait for my show and send me messages. It really is a great achievement when you get recognized by people for your voice. As a radio jockey, our voice is our face. When I visit colleges & schools students shout my name, and youngsters come to meet me. And that really makes you feel good about yourself.

Any particular fan moment that you’d like to share?

I have had several wonderful interactions with fans in my career. However, recently someone sent a cake to me with flowers and an album full of my pictures. I have recently started using social media and have been posting pictures regularly. The man who gifted me the album told me he collected the pictures and stories from my social media, and it took him somewhere around 3 months to create the album.

Tell us about your favorite work experience.

As a child, I had 3 wishes: to meet Shah Rukh khan in my lifetime. During my tenure, at #Fame, I got a chance to shoot with Shah Rukh Khan at his house Mannat. He was very humble and accommodating to our whole team and that made it a truly memorable work experience in my life. He is such a gentle person with a sharp wit and great memory. He even remembered me from a past event in Jaipur.

Any advice for newcomers who wish to become an RJ?

Apart from having a good charismatic voice, youngsters should also know about the radio industry. I have seen youngsters who want to become an RJ but do not know how radio works. They should have some knowledge about world affairs, some basic geography, and political news. You should not seem clueless to your audience. You have to build a connection with the audience and not just read the lines.

Thank you for your time Devangana. I hope we get to talk to you in the future.





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