Who does not know Pallavi Joshi and Mahender Singh Chauhan (Ben M), a successful model couple in the Fashion Circuit? Pallavi is well-known in the print segment for her stunning face, and Mahender is everyone’s favorite on the runway. After a decade of successful modeling, they both decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

The model couple, who are getting married soon, considered other business ideas such as cafés and restaurants, but ultimately decided on a gym because Mahender is already a fitness fanatic.

Mahender hails from the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh and has always wanted to have a business in his own town, so in November 2021, they opened their first gym, “Be Free Fitness,” near the airport in Kullu. Within a few months, the gym gained widespread acclaim throughout the district, prompting the model couple to open a second location in the Gandhi Nagar market area of Kullu.

In a conversation, Pallavi told the Himalayan Buzz team that the difference between “Be Free Fitness” and other gyms is that we actually do not allow personal training. We discovered that when personal training is permitted, trainers do not focus on all clients and sometimes press clients to participate in personal training. All of our customers are important to us.

They are willing to open their third gym in Dehradun, from where Pallavi hails, and are also willing to expand it in metro cities like Delhi.




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