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Auchitya Thakur: I had nothing except for my looks!

Currently, one of the top Models in India, Auchitya Thakur has had quite an inspiring journey. Losing his father at an early age and then struggling to make ends meet did not deter Auchitya from keeping his ambitions high.

Today, he’s a name to reckon with in the modeling and fashion industry. With his grit and determination, Auchitya Thakur has made it big in the fashion scenario and this goes to prove that the hunk is a whole lot more than just his looks!

In an exclusive chat with Himalayan Buzz, Auchitya gives a sneak peek into his life and journey so far.

Walk us through your childhood & education.

I was brought up by my mom (a single parent) along with 3 siblings. I lost my father when I was just 7. My mom was a housewife. It’s been quite a difficult childhood but at the same time, those bad phases and tough times gave me a sense of making the right decisions for myself. I understood my responsibility towards my family at a very early age. But obviously, my mother has been the pillar of strength in my life.

She sacrificed everything for her children and has always been extremely supportive of whatever it is that I choose to do in life. Each time I discussed my goals and ambitions with her, she encouraged me to follow my heart and my dreams.

She has complete faith in me and truly believes that someday I will make my mark. Pretty much like every mother in the world! The amount of trust and confidence, that not just my mother but my entire family has in me, gives me the strength and energy to sail through any rough spots and just keep going.

How did you start?

In the beginning, I did make a big mistake by kicking off my career as a freelance model. I realized my mistake later. Honestly, it took me almost a year to figure out the ways of this show business and to get back on the right path. You do have to face a lot of hurdles in this industry, but then, that’s part and parcel of any career option, isn’t it?

What’s your dream modeling project?

I do not have a ‘dream project ‘ just as yet but yes, I always aim to do such work that inspires upcoming models to the extent that they include it in their list of ‘dream projects’!!

Tell us about your best modeling experience so far.

There have been a bit too many! But if I have to choose the top ones, I’d say it was when I worked for Calvin Klein in the Philippines and when I worked with United Colors of Benetton in India. Doing shows with these biggies almost every season has been the best modeling experience so far.

What inspired you as a model?

I wish to represent India in the international fashion and modeling circuit. I also want to inspire and guide the upcoming models to the right path. These two reasons inspire me to move forward.

We all have our struggles. What kind of struggles did you face?

Well, you may find it a little weird but this is true. As far as modeling is concerned, no one or nothing inspired me to choose this as a career. I just feel like I got into this as I had no other options! I had to cope with life and pay my bills and for that I needed money. I had no degrees that could help me bag a good job and I had no money to start my own business. Honestly, apart from looks, I had nothing. But eventually, when I began my career as a model, it became a wonderful part of my life and now, when I look back, it just inspires me to keep moving forward.

Describe your perfect day off

I start my day with meditation then have a healthy breakfast and step out to the gym for at least 2 hours. I find ways to educate myself and like to spend most of my free time just chilling with my friends or family.

How would you define success in your career?

For me, success is all about being consistent in my career.

Who is your favorite designer?

Rahul Mishra and Dolce & Gabbana

What’s your message for aspiring models?

Never take your work for granted always respect what you have achieved and what you are today. Be consistent with your good habits and keep educating yourself about the fashion and modeling world. Be respectful to the team you work with and make a great bond with this industry because it is just not your work, it is your second home and in the end, you become like a family to them.



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