Sagar Chaudhary is a model based in Delhi. He is known for his masculine body & charming face. His looks suit ethnic & couture brands that’s the reason you will find him in almost every ethnic fashion brand as their model.

The Himalayan Buzz team recently caught up with him and interviewed him.

Tell us about your childhood, family & education.

I was born and brought up in Delhi. I did my schooling in Delhi. Later, for higher studies, I did Mass Communication from Noida. I got many placements in various new channels but wasn’t interested.

How did you get into modelling?

I participated in a fashion event at my college. I got a chance to meet the choreographer of that show. He suggested I start modelling as a full-time career. Soon, I was approached by a fashion journalist from the Times of India for an editorial shoot. This is how my modelling career kick-started.

What was your favourite modelling experience so far?

I enjoy modelling so I cherish every assignment. I always feel good when I get to travel to different destinations for shoots. But if I have to choose one I would love to say it was for Abhinav Mishra, when I got to work with him for the first time.

Which brand you would love to model for?

I don’t have any preference. For me all brands are good. I just want to work for all brands & earn more money.

Who is your favourite designer?

All designers are good but as a customer, I would say it’s Abhinav Mishra.

Any plans to act in TV and Movies?

Yes, I am planning to start working on web series & TV serials. I got offers for 2 serials around 1-2 years ago. But that time I lost my father so I was not able to take those opportunities. But things are in the pipeline and will let you know if anything gets finalized.

How does it feel to be a Model in India?

It’s really good. People treat you well when they get to know you are a model. People appreciate your looks & often come to interact with you.

Any plans to relocate to Milan or Paris?

No not at all! I love to live in India.

Any suggestions for newcomers

Newcomers keep asking me such questions how to start where to start. I would say they should enroll in some modelling academy where they will be guided properly by their mentors.




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