This story embodies in itself not just an expedition or a venture, rather it predominately brings an inspiring message of a 21-year-old traveler and explorer from Uttarakhand, Bhaskar Bhandari.

There is a such marvel in his story that by the time you’ve read this article, he would’ve explored another wonder off his bucket list. Bhaskar Bhandari is currently on “भारत भ्रमण” or what we know as India Tour and this story bring you the inspiration and the great purpose this journey holds. Bhaskar’s humble ways and kind nature fused with his dexterity in survival skills make him an individual from whom the youth have a lot to get inspired from.

Bhaskar Bhandari was born in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand but mostly spent his childhood in Haryana till his 10th grade. He’s a BBA Graduate and now a traveler and explorer. He’s previously worked in many song videos and Bollywood movies like The Kashmir Files and Hindutva.

He’s also the first person in north India to travel to the Indo-Pak border on a cycle. Bhaskar is also a part of the Himalayan Buzz family and has been an associate previously. His work at the place is really commendable and his polite attitude towards people is what everyone appreciates and loves him for.

Let’s hear what he has to say about his journey.

What made Bhaskar Bhandari go on the India tour?
The inspiration behind this journey is multiple. Primarily, the person who has really been an inspiration is definitely my grandmother. At the age of 94, she’s still fit and really sets an example of how a person can do whatever they want with a positive attitude and hard work.

Also, I’ve been a huge admirer and a fan of Bear Grylls since childhood. Watching Man Vs Wild as I grew up was always an inspiration and brought out the adrenaline rush to conquer different terrains and explore the world.

Adding to this, I come from a family with a background in the Armed Forces, so that kick of adventure and daring runs in the blood. As for the tour, my parents have always been really supportive and I think, mental support is bigger than financially supporting someone I thank my parents for always providing the mental strength I needed.

What is the purpose of this journey?

The biggest purpose of this journey is to bring the motto “Unity in Diversity” to the world and show how incredible my country is. As I believe this country is not just a geographical place but the diversified people make this great nation and while exploring India I got to experience that every other turn of the road hides in itself a different story.
Through my videos, I want to show people how they can travel the whole of India with very less or for that sake, no money. Also, I believe that a human can survive any situation with minimal resources as we possess our mind as the biggest and most useful resource.

How has the journey been so far?

Traveling so far has proved to be a lot more adventurous and incredible than I thought. I started this journey on 5th January 2022. So far I’ve explored Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. As of August 2022, I’m traveling and exploring the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerela is next in line. Till now I’ve covered Around 6000+ Km till Tamil Nadu and I got a lot more to explore.

This is a marvelous experience with few challenges and I believe that what I’ve seen so far is that every place has its own spirit and provides a vibe no other place holds, also there’s no time limit to this journey because I believe it is unfair to the place as we need not only see but also feel the element of that environment.

Whatever we see on the Internet about any place is the half-truth, as it only mentions the terrain but as I mentioned before, the people make the experience whole another story.

Which place is on top of your bucket list?

It definitely has to be Ladakh! The hype, the terrain, and the adventure as a whole are something you’ll never find anywhere. Ladakh is a place I really want to explore and put my skills to the test. Although it doesn’t end there, after India Tour, a world Tour is on my list.

Any message you would like to share with other travelers and readers?

I really want to put out this to the readers and other aspiring travelers, “The right time to start is now!”
I believe that you are the only one stopping you from getting what you want, there’s no limit to what a person can get. Not working for yourself and being inactive towards your health is the worst thing you can ever do to yourselves, and I believe that without any purpose you’re stuck in limbo.

Also, I’d really like to mention what I’ve learned from my mentors. I had the privilege to work with Mr. Gauraveshwar Singh, who has been a mentor since Himalayan Buzz. In his words, “Go with the flow” he always made me believe in the power of trusting oneself and taught me that any individual can survive through any situation in their life.
Mr. Abhishek Kapoor’s mention is also a must in my story, his personality itself is inspiring as he believed in Gratefulness. “Be down to earth and grateful for what you have” as he taught me, this has ever since evolved me as a person and this is what I would like to share with the youngsters too.

The limitlessness this journey holds is something we can’t actually conclude. So here we provide you with Bhaskar Bhandari’s social media handles, so the readers can stay connected to his great journey:




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