Dehradun, 28th January 2024: The city witnessed the grand release of the first look of the 8th edition of Mr & Miss Uttarakhand, being organized by Himalayan Buzz and Dharma Creations. The event took place at Diablo, bringing together contestants from various corners of Uttarakhand and Uttarakhandis residing in different cities.

In a significant move towards inclusivity, Organizer Aniruddha Badola emphasized the pageant’s commitment to diversity, stating, “This year, we are striving to bring inclusivity by welcoming men & women of all shapes and sizes, eliminating discriminatory criteria. The Mr & Miss Uttarakhand platform is a stage for young individuals aspiring to boost their confidence and nurture their personalities.”

The event showcased the vibrant spirit of Uttarakhand, with participants exuding talent, charm, and unique personalities. The pageant has always been a catalyst for individuals to not only showcase their physical attributes but also to display confidence, intelligence, and charisma.

The grand finale of Mr & Miss Uttarakhand is scheduled for March 2024.

The occasion was graced by Aman Shankar & Jaya Saxena from Diablo, Nitin Gera from Saint Jones, and Mohit Sharma from Urban Money.




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