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Things you should know before applying for a Pageant

In the previous article, I wrote about why you should participate in a beauty pageant. Now, I will tell you the things you should know before applying for beauty pageants. Many aspirants who are inexperienced and ignorant about the pageantry business get trapped by unscrupulous companies and individuals.

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Learn About Pageantry first

We have many national & international pageants around the Globe; all the pageants have different criteria and different participation processes. Age & height criteria may vary from pageant to pageant. There are many pageants that do not have any criteria at all.

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Pay the participation fee

Pageants have a participation fee that is meant to be paid by participants or participants may get sponsorship for themselves, this is how the pageant industry works globally. All international pageant give their franchises to national pageants on fixed franchisee fees or participation fees basis. Only in Miss India, there is no participation fee because it gets organized by Times Group which gets sponsorship for participants & provides them contracts under Times Talents.

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Hire Pageants Coach/ Join Training School

Pageantry is not that easy, you have to be the best of yourself. There are thousands of girls who are like you. If you want to stand the best out of them, you have to learn everything – how to walk, how to speak & how to present yourself. We have many pageant training academies in India now run by Super Models like Alesia Raut & Lakshmi Rana.

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Nothing is for free

Freebies are the weakness of Indians, But let me remind you there is nothing for free on this planet. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Pageant Training Academies are serviced based industry so are the pageant organizations. Many girls get influenced by conmen who say they are offering training & grooming for free to lure young age girls. Many greedy parents also get lured by the promise of free and comprise the safety of their girls just to save a few bucks. But they never pause to think how their children can be used in the wrong way to raise money by an organization or person who claims to be giving free training etc.

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Pageantry is not modeling

Modeling is a real profession just like any other profession which requires some specific skills. While pageantry is a contest, which is open for all professions, You may be a doctor or a student you can participate if you fulfill the requirements of the pageant organization.

Pageantry is an expensive Game

Pageantry is an Expensive Game. It is not a necessity of life. I always suggest financially struggling youngsters not participate in it, if they cannot afford expenses. Don’t get tempted by promises of freebies by shady organizations. There are no free lunches. These organizations trap innocent girls and push them into the wrong professions. Pageants are important to enhance your personality & groom you, only if you can afford them. Pageants are your gateway to modeling and acting. But do not think you are entitled to participate in pageantry on someone else’s money.



Gauraveshwar Singh
Entrepreneur & Writer

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