Transporting us to a world of opulent splendor, designer Runit Gupta has unveiled his latest couture collection – “Sunehre Aiyne.” Hailing from the vibrant Indian city of Raipur, Gupta’s new line fuses modern luxury with traditional Indian motifs and intricate goldwork.

Each piece in the “Sunehre Aiyne” collection is a wearable work of art, crafted from the finest fabrics and embroidered with shimmering gold threads, lustrous pearls, and colorful semi-precious stones. Gupta expertly blends contemporary silhouettes and stylings with time-honored Indian aesthetics, creating a harmonious marriage of old and new.

Equally at home on the modern fashion runway as at the most lavish of weddings, the versatility of “Sunehre Aiyne” allows it to adapt seamlessly to any occasion. The diverse palette nods to different stages of life while remaining universally flattering.

With his keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to quality, Runit Gupta has once again demonstrated his mastery of high fashion. “Sunehre Aiyne” promises to redefine elegance and sophistication for the modern aesthete. Stay tuned as we unveil more of the breathtaking pieces from this not-to-be-missed collection.




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