PARAS DUKH BHANJAN AYURVEDASHRAM is a respected organization in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, renowned for producing a wide range of Ayurvedic Products under the banner of ‘SreeParas.’ The organization was founded by Vaidyaraj Ratnam Shri Shri 108 Swami Hukum Chand Gupta, the grandfather of Dr. Neeraj Gupta, the current Managing Director. After completing his BAMS from Uttaranchal Ayurvedic College, Dr. Gupta took charge of the leadership and has since expanded the family business exponentially.

Dr. Gupta continues the legacy of his father and grandfather with his vision and a modern approach to Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally, medicinal work only focuses a little on branding and user experiences. However, Dr. Neeraj identified this issue in line with the demand of the time and worked extensively on various aspects of the business to establish SreeParas as a brand that patients can trust and is at par with modern brand and business standards.

The brand stores are currently present in all central locations of Uttarakhand, including Mussoorie, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Gangotri. Dr. Neeraj envisions helping people across India through more stores in the near future.




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