Himalayan Buzz Mr. Uttarakhand’s contest is known for throwing up new talent every year. What’s more commendable is the fact that these winners come from different walks of life. We have been busting myths that models and pageant winners are not intelligent or educated.

Take the case of Mr. Uttarakhand 2021 Ayush Sehgal who is a doctor by profession and just 26 years of age. Himalayanbuzz had a tete-a-tete with the latest budding model and winner of Mr. Uttarakhand 2021.

Let us know about your childhood and education?

I was born in a small town named Khatima, Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. I did my schooling also from Khatima. Thereafter, I joined MBBS as I always wanted to be a doctor. Currently am doing my Master in Internal Medicine in Karnataka.

How did you celebrate your win?

The celebration started the very next moment. I celebrated it with my friends, fellow contestants, and obviously with my mentors because of whom I am here. And then when I went home party season never ended.

What was the reaction of your friends and family?

Luckily I had my family with me during the finale so that they could witness that it actually happened. My friends always had a belief in me that I deserve it and always supported me. I think my two sisters were the happiest on this planet after that win. Blessed to have them around.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?

Woah, can’t put up that in words. You know when you work hard for something and finally, you achieve it, you literally get joyful tears in your eyes, so was my case.

Did you expect that win?

There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence but I never crossed that so yes I was confident enough but never underestimated any contestant as they were all super talented.

You are a doctor, how did pageantry strike you?

Though I am a doctor by profession modeling has always been my first love. I can say that an eleven-year-old boy thought of it and this 26-year guy fulfilled it.

Did you always want to be a Model? When did you decide to participate in Mr. Uttarakhand & Why?

As I said modeling has always been my first love but I also wanted to be a doctor and there is no harm if you can pursue both with the right balance.
I used to follow Himalayanbuzz and looking at the success of the students from this organization made out, this is the platform that will give a spark to my modeling career.

How was your experience during Mr. Uttarakhand 2021?

An experience that taught me a lot. An experience where I had a lot of fun. An experience that I will always cherish for my entire life. I am still living those memories. I wish I could turn back the time for one more time.

Who will you say is your idol or mentor?

I don’t think so I can put up any one person into this because I usually idealize the work of a person. For example, I idolize my senior doctors who being in the vulnerable group are working day and night during this pandemic. My mom and dad whose sacrifices I have seen to make me stand tall. My sister’s compassion towards me. My mentor Mr. Gauraveshwar sir who brought me into this field thus showing the path to newcomers

Who was your biggest competition in Mr. Uttarakhand 2021?

The correct question could be who wasn’t, because as I said every contestant had an upper hand in his own way but the thing is the competition ended in a very healthy manner with each one of us celebrating each other’s victory.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?

It should be an all-around performance. Your intellect, your stage presence, confidence, and the spark to win the title

Tell our readers something about your grooming habits.

You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training and grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset. So I make sure my hair to be shipshape before I leave the house and never leave my beard messy, your beard should be well-trimmed and also should smell good. Never ignore the last point

Any message to all the aspiring boys who dream of being Mr. Uttarakhand 2022?

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. So if you are really interested in this field no one has the right to tell you that you can’t do it.
Follow your dreams, your passion along whatever career you are into. The last thing I would like to say, it’s never too late Here I am the live example, won’t share my age again.





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