Himalayan Buzz Academy of Modeling & Grooming
Himalayan Buzz Academy of Modeling & Grooming

Do you want to become a model but don’t know how to start? Do you know for that unless you have a great-looking portfolio, confidence, and training, you have almost ZERO chance of getting any assignment!

Every year many young and talented youngsters let their talent go to waste because they don’t how to get a break in this industry.

Himalayan Buzz Academy of Modeling & Grooming will prepare you for a career in Modelling. Himalayan Buzz Academy of Modeling & Grooming is a unit of Himalayanbuzz AdMedia. Himalayan Buzz Academy of Model Grooming is the best grooming academy in Northern India which has to credit some of the most successful models in the Fashion Industry.

We have a team of Industry professionals to groom and guide young aspirants who want to make their careers in the fashion industry.

Why You Should Join Himalayan Buzz Academy Of Model Grooming?

Very few people become a model. Do you know why the success ratio is less?
It’s because youngsters don’t know exactly which type of Modeling they are fit for & how they can progress in their career. We guide you as per your capabilities & physical appearance. We assist you until you reach your goal

About The Program

Our Program is designed to teach the fundamentals of becoming a model. The program has been created by fashion experts with decades of experience in this industry. Our course is a perfect combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and industry experience.

Under the guidance of our experienced mentors, you will learn about all aspects of modeling, grooming, and fashion.

We cover everything from walking on a ramp to posing in front of the camera. From makeup & styling to fitness.
To top it off, all our students will get the opportunity to participate in a GRADUATION FASHION SHOW!


  1. Introduction to Modelling
  2. Types of Modelling
  3. Evolution of Fashion Industry
  4. Introduction to Fashion Magazines & Fashion Brands
  5. Ramp walk Training
  6. Essential audition Skills
  7. Voice and Dictation Skills
  8. Poise and Posture
  9. Portfolio Development
  10. Image & Etiquettes
  11. Fitness & Nutrition Guidance
  12. Camera Facing
  13. Hair & Styling
  14. Graduation Fashion Show

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