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Teelu Rauteli – A Tale of Bravery

Teelu Rauteli was born in village Guraad belonging to Chaundkot, Garhwal. This story of bravery and pride was witnessed in the 17th century due to which she is remembered as ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ in history. Teelu Rauteli is the only martyr who fought 7 wars at the age of 15 to 20.

Teelu was a daughter of great brave-hearted man Bhup Singh Golar. At the age of 14, she was engaged to Bhuppa Negi’s of village Edda at border Mogadishu. Teelu’s father and both brothers died on the battle field as decided by fate.
The fierce fire of revenge turned Teelu into a wounded Tigress. Loaded with ammunitions  she marched to the battle field along with
Belu and Devli, her friends.
At first, 
Teelu Rauteli rescued hostages from Kheragarh (near to, now Kalagarh). Then, attacked Umtaghati and reached ‘Salt Mahadev’ with her army to send the enemies back. After winning, she marched to ‘Bhilad Bhaud’ where both of her friends lost their lives in fighting the battle.
Acquiring the borders till ChaukhutiyaTeelu returned Deghat with her fellow army.
Teelu fought a ferocious battle of Kaalinka Khaal. In the battle of Veerokhal Teelu’s maternal uncle, Ramu Bhandari lost his life whereas in the battle of Saraighat her father lost his life.
Killing several enemies in Saraikhet revenging for the death of her father, she lost her horseback ‘Binduli’. While bathing in Nayar river near to Talla Kanda tent gathering, an enemy attacked Teela by sword taking her life away.



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