Kamrunag Temple : The Witness of Mahabharat War

Dev Kamrunag’s original name was Ratan Yaksha and he was a self-learned warrior. He would practice by keeping Lord Vishnu’s idol in front of him and he considered it as his master, the Guru. He got to know about the story of Mahabharat being fought in some far corner of

Teelu Rauteli – A Tale of Bravery

Teelu Rauteli was born in village Guraad belonging to Chaundkot, Garhwal. This story of bravery and pride was witnessed in the 17th century due to which she is remembered as ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ in history. Teelu Rauteli is the only martyr who fought 7 wars at the age of 15

Harela : Festival of Greenery

Uttrakhand, the land of gods contains enormous natural  and cultural heritage. In the region of the kumaon, a festival known as Harela is celebrated thrice a year. Let's read it to explore it. Harela is the prominent festival of Kamaon. It is associated with social harmony, agriculture, and climate. Harela refers

Gaura Devi : Mother of Chipko Movement

“Forest is like our mother’s home, we shall protect it come what may. If the forests are cut down the flood strike will swap our everything”, voice upraised by a woman of Chamoli as a weapon. On the deforestation in Uttrakhand and named Chipko movement. Uttrakhand can also be said the