Himalayan Buzz Team had a conversation with Mr Universe Tourism North India 2018 Shivam Ravnit, who represented India in Mr Universe Tourism in 2018. Shivam is a Medical Student in Manila, Philippines, who also does modeling at various advertising agencies apart from studies. Shivam shared with us his thoughts on his journey from being a medical student to the representative of India on the international platform and his future plans,

First of all tell us about your childhood, family background and education?
I belong to a middle-class family. My parents always tried to fulfill my basic needs. My dad is not just a guardian, but a person whom I look up to. Always devoted towards my education, he knows the value of education to lead a purposeful life. I completed my high school from Jamui Bihar, India. Later I moved to pursue graduation in Psychology from the Philippines and presently completing MBBS.

How does it feel to represent your country on international platforms?
The feeling of representing my country, my India at an international platform cannot be expressed in words. The cheering from the crowd, the learning process throughout the journey is in itself a victory.

How has your journey been so far with Mr Tourism Universe Organization?
Mr. Universe Tourism Organization is the best life experience till date. Just not the participants but every member of the crew and staff was so kind and humble. They assured and helped us with all our little needs and took care of us. The love, respect and care given by the people was so heartwarming.

What title and subtitle you won?
The title of Mr. Universe Tourism North India 2018 was a better contentment than just winning.

Did you always want to be in modelling? When was the first time you realized you wanted to take it up as your career?
Becoming a model and actor was a childhood dream, like many others have. My dream was different, just not limited to gaining fame instead to win a crown for my country. The qualities of a human being and actor, is personified as Shahrukh Khan – an actor and a superstar. An opportunity to work with him as an actor for sure, won’t be missed. At the same time choosing an option like MBBS was more like pursuing my father’s dream, and not mine. A career decision for family’s happiness was on priority. Now, when I got the chance to chase my dreams there was no waiting.

How did your friends and family members react when they got to know you are representing India?
I didn’t share much about by myself. There is a long way to go, before I’m able to share my achievements and I am still working on it. The day I see myself at a place where I dreamt of, will definitely be a proud moment. And that moment will be shared with everybody with utmost joy. But yes, the people who know about it have supported & appreciated me for my passion towards my goal, and they are happy about it. At last, all you need is love and support from your own bunch of people.

All the representatives from different countries stayed together for more than 7 days. How was the bonding with other boys? Did you make any friends?
The stay was of 7 days but more like month long. That bunch of strangers became friends in just moments. Meeting them for the 1st time made me nervous. Thinking of all models, from different countries with different languages I was anxious of being with them. But this journey was a fantastic experience like a tour. Leaving after the competition was tough, and now those strangers have turned into BROTHERS. Learning from them about their culture and their country was a lucky experience.

Who was your favourite contestant and why?
Undoubtedly, all the contestants were so good and unique in their own way. But my favorite contestant was Mr. Philippines, as he was so charming with an amazing sense of humor, positive attitude, and his brilliant dedication towards the title and country.

Tell our readers something about your grooming habits.
Grooming habits would go vague mentioning about me being a gym and fitness freak. Where, missing a day without the gym is just not possible and running for track & field is yet another habit. I am even concerned about my diet. No matter how much I crave for tasty food I always eat a healthy meal with good protein content. A proper sleep and wake pattern and hygiene is the must.

Lastly, any message for all the aspiring boys who dream to represent India on International Platforms?
Just a simple tip to the young boys out there that hard work leads to perseverance and perseverance leads to winning. Run and run towards your dream, achieve it.




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