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An Interview with Udita Rawat – Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018 1st Runner up

Gorgeous, honest and extremely talented Udita Rawat from New Delhi has not only won the Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide runner-up title but conquered hearts as well. Basically from Chamoli, Uttarakhand an engineering student, Udita Rawat told us about her journey. Read on candid details of her preparation for Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide pageant and lots more.

Tell us about yourself starting from the beginning. How did Udita Rawat become what she is today?
I was born in Delhi & brought up in Gurgaon. Since childhood, I’ve always been an all-rounder. Be it in academics, sports, debate or dance, I was the favorite student. I studied in Blue Bells Public School, Gurgaon, for six years and today I think, the confidence that I have is what I got from this school. I was the brightest child in our whole family. So, after my 10th I went to Kota, Rajasthan, with a dream to get into a good IIT.

What are you doing these days other than modeling?
Two years of hard work & my teachers believed that I’d crack JEE with a pretty good score. But, life had different plans for me. I am a firm believer of the fact that everything happens for good. The good that happened is that I never got into any IIT. I am currently pursuing B. Tech in Information Technology from a renowned college. I know, what I am today is the best of me.

How did your parents support you and enable you to rest here? Who has been your inspiration and motivation?
I get the motivation to achieve heights from my father, who is a General Manager in civil today.
Only he knows the struggle behind his journey. He shouldered the huge responsibility as a child, looking after ten brothers and sisters, and a joint family in Gwaldam (Chamoli). With the least resources he had, he is the only well-educated child of my grandfather. It took him a lot of struggle and pain to get us where we are today.
My mother, a homemaker, has been a constant support to him. Even in the hardest of times, they do not lose hope, that is what I inherit from them.

Do you have a brother or sister? Do they also feel the same about your new career choice?
I have an elder sister, who’s been more like a friend to me always. I learned to follow my heart from her. She dropped out of a regular graduation to pursue designing. She’s a well established Interior Designer now. I also have a younger brother, in Class X, who’s a constant support system for me.


You can be honest about it, did you expect to win the pageant?
Honestly, after knowing in the grooming sessions that other girls have already participated in such pageants & some had bagged titles, I wasn’t expecting my chance. There was one thing I was confident about and that was self-confidence. I have a calm mind and fire in my heart, to do my best no matter what.

How was your experience during Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018 pageant?
Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018 gave me a wonderful platform. I met so many new people. It was a totally new experience. As a newbie, I got so much of support from everyone. This was a wonderful journey of ten days that I’ll cherish my whole life.

You are pursuing engineering, how and when did you realize that modeling is your passion?
Yes, I am a final year engineering student now. My cousin sent me a link to the registration form of Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018. I was crowned as Miss Mridang in 2015 (cultural college fest), that built up my interest in modeling and this pageant. Also, my mother believed in me more than I did for this pageant.

All the finalists attended grooming sessions together for more than 10 days. How was the bonding with other girls? Did you make any friends?
We were 19 girls in total. All were from very different places, with one aim-to win the title of Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide 2018. Everyone was supportive and behaved as a team except a few. Obviously, there are exceptions. Everyone was friendly. I share a very good bond with Deeksha Choudhary, one of the contestants. I believe in quality and not quantity. So I make fewer friends but those who actually are my friends, are for life. I and Deeksha are still in touch and hope, we always will be.

Who was your biggest competition in the Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide pageant?
The competition was definitely a tough one. On the day of the finale, every girl was so amazing. There were few girls who lacked confidence during the grooming sessions but watching them on the day of the finale, I was stunned. They all were so beautifully dressed up and bold. My biggest competitor was my own self. I had to do better than what I was doing and stay away from doubtful thoughts.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?
According to me, the judges looked out for confidence, grace with which the model carries the outfit and her walk.

You won subtitle as well – Miss Congeniality, how do you justify this subtitle?
The title of Miss Congeniality was very unexpected. I am sure it would have been quite difficult to choose just one girl out of nineteen. In the 10 days of grooming sessions, I actually saw girls putting each other down and saying things behind others’ back. I’ve never ever been such a person in my real life. I believe we all must grow and help others grow.

Who was your favorite contestant and why?
There were many contestants who were genuine and very sweet to me. Since I have to name one, I’d say, my friend, Deeksha Choudhary is still my favorite contestant because I connected with her and we share a good bond.

Lastly, any message for all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide?
I want to tell all the girls out there, you all can fulfill your dreams. All you need is a little courage to fly. You all have the right to fly high and follow your dreams. Miss Uttarakhand Worldwide pageant by Himalayan Buzz is a great platform for you all who aim to make it big in the industry. And yes, you all are beautiful enough. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.



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