When you are determined to get something and keep working for it, you definitely get it. That is the success mantra of Haldwani boy, Mohit Joshi who has established a name in the television industry. Despite coming from a small town, Mohit is a successful TV star presently. The Himalayanbuzz team interviewed him recently.

Tell us about yourself and your early life?
Basically, I am from Haldwani but my grandparents are from a village near Ranikhet. I did my schooling from St. Paul’s School, Haldwani. I have got a graduation in hotel management from Sridevi College of Hotel Management, Mangalore.

When was the first time you decided to be an actor? What was the reason behind it?
I wanted to be an actor since childhood. My father also wanted to become an actor but at that time people did not support and accept the idea. He used to ask me to take part in plays and dramatics. Through me he aspired to live his dreams. I won many prizes and awards for my acting and so developed an inclination towards it.

Did you also have an interest in modeling? Have you done it before becoming an actor?
Yes, I’ve done a lot of modeling assignments. When I was in college in Mangalore, people considered me more of a model. Then I started working as flight steward in Jet Airways. During those days I did many shoots in Delhi. I also worked for Punjabi music videos.

So what was your first TV show and how did you get a chance?
I used to fly on Delhi-Mumbai route, I used to give auditions on regular basis so eventually, I got selected for “Bade Bhai ki Dulhaniya”, That was my first TV show. Then I shifted to Mumbai from Delhi and started my career in the Tv industry. Later I worked in TV series like ‘Chandra Nandini’ where I played Nandini’s brother. Then I got a supporting role in the show ‘Naagin’ on Colors TV. And there are few more shows lined up which you’ll come to know soon. I can’t reveal about them now.

How was the experience working with Mouni Roy and other co-actors in Nagin?
She is amazing, even all my co-actors are lovely people. They support each other for acting or dialogue delivery. All are punctual and do their work passionately. Mouni is a superstar but she is very calm and humble person and speaks to everyone so nicely. I have great bonding with Sudha Chandran, she is like my mentor and we young actors can learn a lot from her.

Has the dream city Mumbai accepted you?
Mumbai doesn’t accept you, it allows people come and go but I have accepted and love Mumbai. My dreams are getting fulfilled and I’m happy. My life is blessed. But there is a lot to achieve yet.

Did you miss Haldwani?
Of course, nothing can take its place in my heart. I miss the weather, loving people, and food. Nothing in this world is like Haldwani and entire Uttarakhand. I miss Ranikhet and Kumaon hills too much. I’ve gained a lot from my school days and all my friends are from Haldwani.

Are you dating anyone?
Though I’m not right now, it will be a buzz whenever I get her! (Chuckles)

When are you visiting your home state again?
Hopefully soon. I am planning to go visit my hometown to meet my family and friends. But I’m not getting time. Actually, I have regular shoot so can’t fix the schedule yet.




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