Bijli Mahadev is located at the top of skyscraper hills of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. The Bijli Mahadev temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, where it believed that Lord Shiva himself used to meditate. The temple is very renowned among local people and all those who have at least once visit the place. The picturesque view from the tip of the hill kills every memory of the past and calms the mind and soul for some amount of time. The splendid view from the temple burst freshness into every pilgrim.

The temple gained so much attention because it is witnessed that the ‘Shiva- Lingum’ shatters itself by the   lightning from clouds and the pieces are reaching different places which are later collected by the priest, by watching the place of falling in his dreams. They are brought together and stick back again with the help of butter as an adhesive. A lot of pilgrims visit the temple at the time of ‘Shivaratri’. A panoramic view of Parvati and Kullu valley from this peak is rejoice to eyes. When you turn around, there are no higher peaks to block your view in the close proximity.  Over 3 districts can be seen from this point.

If you are in good health, you can even trek all the way from Kullu to Bijli Mahadev.  The trek is beautiful with jungle, orchids and small villages on the way. By the time you reach the top, your lungs will definitely ask for rest but you will find it irresistible to admire the beauty that you see. Thus, every Indian should take some time out of busy schedule and at least must trek to Bijli Mahadev.





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