Gorgeous, honest, and the extremely talented beauty queen, Meenu Pallav from Saharanpur, not only won the coveted crown of Miss North India but conquered hearts as well. Her honesty and positivity are pretty impressive. In a candid conversation with us, Meenu talks about her journey, her preparation for the main Miss India pageant and lots more.

Congratulations on winning Miss North India 2019. How are you enjoying your victory?
Thank you so much for your warm wishes. I am extremely glad about this victory as I have been receiving a lot of praises from people. It is indeed a big step ahead in my career as I want to grow every single day in my life.

How did your family and friends react to your victory?
Of course, they all are elated and enjoying my victory because somewhere they were also a part of it and always wanted to see me as a winner of Miss North India Pageant.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?
I first thanked God silently and was extremely relieved that all the hard work and efforts that I had put in to win this title finally paid off!

You can be honest about it, did you expect that win?
Yes, deep down somewhere I was actually expecting to win because I had worked really hard for this title with a lot of focus and dedication. I overcame all the hardships I went through and finally achieved it.

How was your experience during Miss North India 2019 pageant?
It was a fantastic experience. Each day I learned new things, gained knowledge and got experiences that helped me in getting better.

All the finalists literally stayed together for more than a week, how was the bonding with other girls? Made any friends?
Yes, we stayed together for more than a week and bonded really well. Every single contestant was kind and friendly. They were all so cooperative and had a lot of their life experiences to share with each other which was a great thing as experiences of others also teaches us a lot in life.

Who will you say is your idol or mentor?
A mentor is someone who always leads you to the way of success, so I believe that every single person who always motivated me to achieve my goals in life is my mentor. But if I talk about my all-time idol it has to be DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM as he always taught us to be a civilized human of society, to be a human with good heart, values and behavior, because it is our behavior that defines our personality.

Who was your biggest competition in the Miss North India 2019?
Each contestant had her strong points and qualities but I had decided not to take anyone as my competition but rather learn from their qualities and thereby improve upon myself.
Maybe I can say that my own weaknesses and hardships were my competition as I needed to conquer them all to win the battle.

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?
Judges are like jewelers who always find a diamond from a mine. I am sure the judges were looking out for someone who had a good mix of all the qualities required to make a good model.

Did you always want to be a Model? If not a Model what would you be?
Yes, I always wanted to be a model but if I wouldn’t be a model then I would’ve been a social worker and an educator.

Lastly, any message to all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss North India?
A very important message that I’d like to give to every single girl out there who aspires to be Miss North India is that you should always believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible to achieve in this world if you have the determination and passion for it. As they say, hard work and integrity is the key to success. Also, be a human with a good heart and spread positivity.




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