Hum Hongey Kaamyaab!!!! Remember how often it has been sung in our childhood days and how energetic we felt after it? Well! It’s time to revive that enthusiasm and initiate a step that could actually bring a change. Here is what the youth from the NGO Younglinks have come up with ‘The WakeUp Call 2.0.’

After 5 years of Wake Up Call 1.0 chapter which was focused on aiding people who suffered in Nepal Earthquake,
(The Delegates Who Contributed towards Rs. 1 crore (Govt.) And 1.46 lakhs as Donations)

The youth thought of putting the same positive vibe and energy to help fight the COVID 19 outbreak. The Corona Virus which has affected millions of people throughout the world needs to stop, but the question is how? For the simple answer of Staying home, it’s the lockdown 3.0 and more than 50 days’ people are stuck in their homes.
The youth from Younglinks says that all they need is your time and for the rest, they are there. They look forward to bringing interactive sessions, informative videos, and breaking the misconceptions connected with it, to simply unite every fine fight it.

It has become really boring to stay in the homes and not meet people or do what our schedules earlier had. However, no one can deny calling it important. Now the question is what can we do to get rid of this boredom? We need something really intriguing. Through Wake Up call 2.0 they are bringing some amazing live sessions that will be joined by the local administrative and some musicians in the form of interactive programs like Janta Talks.
Maintaining the norms of social distancing, they have chosen their Instagram handle (WakeUp Call 2.0) as the medium for it And Facebook Page. They have organized the sessions with local bands including Zepher till and the renowned Youtuber Dragta Ji now and look forward to interacting with you every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The idea was originated by Aman Vij (Founder – Younglinks) and Atul Sharma (Co-Founder Entertainment Younglinks ) and the entire Youth team of Younglinks came forward to support it. The greatest thing is, the government and the local administration approving and joining for this idea. The Youth believes that with mutual efforts, nothing can be left unachieved. From staying in homes to joining through social media platforms’, it’s their efforts to unite everyone to bring the change.

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