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Uttarakhand Assembly Election – BJP Trounces Congress

Uttarakhand saw Modi wave sweep off hapless Congress in 2017 state assembly elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party won the Uttarakhand assembly polls by gaining 57 out of 70 seats in Uttarakhand. The assembly elections were held on 15th February 2017. The much-anticipated victory of the Bharatiya Janta Party now has been given the unique title of the ‘Saffron Holi’.

Uttarakhand’s election poll results has sent a wave of happiness and hope amounts the citizens. Prime minister Modi Ji had promised huge projects such as the Chardham Highway that are going to help speed up Uttarakhand’s development.

Congress could manage only 11 seats and 2 were taken by other parties. Eminent Congress members such as Kishor Upadhyay, Mantri Prasad Nauthani, and Navprabhat had to face defeat.

Here is the list of victorious candidates from their respective constituencies in Uttarakhand:

Winning Candidates from Constituencies where BJP was victorious in Uttarakhand:

  1. BJP’s Puran Singh Fartyal won in Lohaghat
  2. Vanshidhar Bhagat from Bharatiya Janta Party won in Kaladhungi
  3. BJP’s Dhansingh Rawat won in Srinagar
  4. BJP’s Surendra Singh Negi won while Anusuya Maikhuri lost in Karanprayag
  5. Prakash Pant of BJP won in Pithoragarh
  6. Balwant Singh Bhaoryal of BJP won in Kapkot against Lalit Pharswarn
  7. BJP’s Dilip Singh Rawat won in Lainsdaun
  8. Kailash Gahtodi from BJP won in Champawat
  9. In Dwarghat Manish Singh Negi from Bharatiya Janta Party won
  10. Congress’ Himesh Kharkwal lost to BJP’s Chandra Ram Das in Bhageshwar
  11. BJP’s Raghunath Singh Chauhan won in Almora and Congress’ Manoj Tiwari lost
  12. Gopal Singh Rawat from BJP won in Gangotri
  13. Magan Lal Shah from BJP won in Tharali
  14. BJP’s Aadesh Chauhan won in Bhel Ranipur against Amrish Kumar from Congress
  15. Vinod Chamoli of BJP in Dharampur won while Dinesh Aggarwal from Congress lost
  16. BJP’s Ritu Khankhundi won in Yamkeshwar while Shailendra Rawat of Congress was defeated
  17. BJP’s Munna Singh Chauhan won in Vikasnagar and Navprabhat from Congress lost
  18. Navin Chandra Dumka of BJP won in Lal Kuan while Harish Chandra Durgapal of Congress lost
  19. BJP’s Surendra Singh Jina won in Slat
  20. BJP’s Mina Gangola defeated Congress’ Narayan Ram Arya in Gangolihat
  21. BJP’s Yatishwaranand won in Haridwar (rural) defeating CM Harish Rawat
  22. Harak Singh Rawat from BJP defeated Surendra Singh Negi in Kortdwar
  23. BJP’s Umesh Sharma Kau won in Raipur against Prabhulal from Congress
  24. In Badrinath Mahendra Bhatt from BJP won and Rajendra Bhandari of Congress was defeated
  25. Madan Kaushik of BJP defeated Congress’ Bhraswarup Bhramchari in Haridwar
  26. Pushkar Singh Dhami of BJP won in Khatima against Congress’ Bhuwan Kapdi
  27. Rekha Arya of BJP won in Someshwar and Rajendra Budakoti from Congress lost
  28. BJP’s Bhishan Singh Chuphal won in Didihat against Congress’ Pradeep Singh Pal
  29. Kunwar Pranav Champion from BJP won in Khanpur against Yashvir Singh of Congress
  30. Sahdev Singh Pundir of BJP won in Sahaspur against Congress’ Kishor Upadhyay
  31. BJP’s Sanjiv Arya won against Congress’ Sarita Arya in Nainital
  32. Harbhajan Singh Chima from BJP won in Kashipur defeating Congress’ Manoj Joshi
  33. Rishikesh saw BJP’s Premchand Aggarwal defeat Congress’ Rajpal Kharola
  34. BJP’s Trivendra Singh Rawat won in Doiwala while Hira Singh Bhisht of Congress lost
  35. BJP’s Deshraj Karnwal won in Jhabreda
  36. Suresh Rathore of BJP won in Jwalapur
  37. In Nanakmatta Prem Singh of BJP defeated Gopal Singh of Congress
  38. BJP’s Mukesh Koli won in Pauhdi while Naval Kishor of Congress lost
  39. Pradeep Batra of BJP won in Roorkee against Congress’ Suresh Jain
  40. BJP’s Sanjay Gupta won in Laksar defeating Tasleem Ahmed of Congress
  41. Yashpal Arya from BJP won in Bajpur and Mamta Rakesh lost
  42. Arvind Pandey from BJP in Gadarpur defeated Rajendra Singh of Congress
  43. In Rajpur BJP’s Khajan Das won while Congress’ Rajkumar lost
  44. In Ram Nagar BJP’s Diwan Singh Bhisht and Congress’ Ranjeet Rawat lost
  45. BJP’s Harbans Kapoor won in Dehradun Can’t defeating Suryakant Dhasmana
  46. BJP’s Rajesh Shukla defeated Chief Minister Harish Rawat in Kichcha
  47. BJP’s Ganesh Joshi won in Mussoorie and Godavari Thapali of Congress faced defeat
  48. Vijay Singh Panwar of BJP won in Pratapgarh and Vikram Singh of Congress lost
  49. BJP’s Subodh Uniyal from Narendra Nagar defeated Om Gopal
  50. BJP’s Shaktilal won in Ghansali and Congress’ Bhim Lal had to face defeat
  51. Vinod Kandari of BJP from Dev Prayag defeated Prasad Nauthani
  52. BJP’s Dhan Singh Negi won in Teri defeating Narendra Ramola of Congress
  53. In Chaubhatakhal Satpal Maharaj of BJP defeated Congress’ Rajpal Bhishth
  54. BJP’s Rajkumar Thukral won in Rudrapur and Congress’ Tilak Raj Behad lost
  55. Kedar Singh Rawat from BJP won in Yamunotri and Congress candidate Sanjay Dobhal was defeated
  56. Lakshmi Rana from Congress lost to BJP’s Bharat Chaudhary in Rudraprayag
  57. Shaurabh Bahuguna from BJP defeated Yogendra Kumar

Winning Candidates from Constituencies where Congress was victorious in Uttarakhand:

  1. Congress’ Kazi Nizamuddim was elected in Manglore against BJP’s Rishipal Baliyan
  2. Congress’ Govind Singh Kunjwal defeated BJP’s Subhash Pandey in Jagreshwar constituency
  3. In Jagrata constituency Congress’ Pritam Singh won while BJP’s Madhu Chauhan lost
  4. Bhagwanpur constituency got Congress’ Mamta Rakesh
  5. Indirahardyesh from Congress won in Haldwani
  6. Congress’ Manoj Rawat won in Kedarnath against Shailarani Rawat from BJP
  7. Congress’ Harish Dhami won in Dharchula
  8. In Jaspur BJP’s Shailendra Mohan Singhal lost to Congress’ Aadesh Chauhan
  9. Karan Mehra from Congress won and Ajay Bhatt of BJP lost in Ranikhet
  10. Purola constituency got Rajkumar elected from Congress and BJP’s Malchand lost
  11. Furkan Ahmed from Congress won in Pirankaliyar and BJP’s Jai Bhagwan Saini lost

Winning Candidates from Constituencies where other parties were victorious in Uttarakhand:

  1. Pritam Singh Pawar won in Dhanualti
  2. Ram Singh Kauda won in Bhimtal



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