Dehradun is known for two things one is the scenic beauty and second the number of schools and university in the city. Mussoorie is the dreamland for any romantic couple. The discipline and magnificence of the schools and colleges have inspired many Bollywood movies like Student of The Year and Krishna Cottage. The small screen doesn’t lag behind when it comes to youth shows being based in the city of Dehradun and Mussoorie. They have been an all time favorite among the young and old generations alike.
Here is the list of 8 shows based in Dehradun and Mussoorie which top all the charts:

1.    MTV Funna

The cool MTV series MTV Funna was based in Dehradun. Like all MTV shows the show was a bang on hit. And the locations of Dehradun added to the thrill and adventure. The main charms were the fog, the biting cold, the backgrounds and the snow covered hills. 

2.    Pyar Ki Ek Kahani

The teen genre Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani was inspired by the Vampire romance Twilight Saga. In the sort of Indian remake of it, the show was about a girl Piya and a Vampire. The young girl was told about an impending danger hovering over her by a fortune teller. And then the show took a leap and the tragic romance was unveiled. It was when Piya moved to Dehradun for her Graduation she met Abhay (Vivian Dsena) who was a Vampire. The show revolves around their forbidden romance. And in the end, it was revealed that Piya was an illegitimate daughter of a Vampire. Abhay and Piya get married to each other in the end.

3.    Girl In the City

Girl in the city a youth TV show was broadcasted on channel Bindass this year in the month of April. The show was about a 21-year-old girl who hails from Dehradun. Mithila Palkar as Meera Sehgal wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She plays an upbeat young ambitious woman who goes out to get her world. She is full of wit and tactics to counter every stone thrown at her. It was a 13 episode short series which gained popularity amongst the young generation. It was launched on Indian Television and other social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

4.    Girls On Top

The sassy naughty show Girls on Top shared a major chunk of MTV’s TRPs for six months this year. Three different girls Ishia, Gia, and Revati challenge the definition of an ideal Indian girl’s definition. They travel to Mumbai to fulfill their passion of becoming big shots in life. One of them was Revati Chauhan who called herself “Rev” was from Dehradun moved to Mumbai to become Dj. The show answered every teenager’s questions about love, relationships, breakups, and norms.
Rev played the hippy cum tomboy girl. She couldn’t stay in a shy girl’s skin and was the most daring of the three whether be her outfits or her love life.

5.    Warriors High

The TV show Warriors High was based entirely on an Elite school named Warrior High in Dehradun. Much of what actually happens in the world-class schools of Dehradun the show was all about hostel life and discipline and how the teens escaped them to explore life. The students were divided into two groups the rich spoilt brats and the dedicated studious geeks. The actual climax happens when the opposites attracted and the love wires got entangled between the members of the two groups.

6.    Dil Dosti Dance 

The best dance-based youth TV series Dil Dosti Dance had the lead character of Kria Ghai who hails from Dehradun. Funky dance segments and complicated love stories were the main reasons for the popularity of the show. The audience’s response compelled the show producers to telecast the sequel as the second sequence soon after the first season got a wrap-up.

7.    Ham Se Hain Life

Again another TV show which has its story set up in a Dehradun school “The Elite School”. The male lead role was youth icon Abigail Jain known for his movie Yaariyan. The story revolved around a middle-class family’s daughter Sia Dhillon who aspires to become a national level boxer. The show started with Sia slapping her Principal for his cheap tricks. Later she receives a call letter from the principal of Elite School and moved to Dehradun to pursue her passion.
The show had a bit of romance, jealousy, competition and of course a teenager’s life in a boarding school.

8.    Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

The serial Baat Hamari Pakki hai is about arranged marriages and their complication. Siya was an orphan girl living with her aunt and uncle in Mussoorie. Upon reaching the age of getting married her aunt wanted to marry her off. But Siya was rejected every time. Siya was heartbroken every time she faced the rejection and then finally Shravan enters her life. However, destiny still did not favor Siya as Shravan loved Tara. Both of them for their parents’ happiness decided to get married and divorce after 6 months. Bu cupid struck his arrow and romance kindled between the newly married couple. And the family drama started when the parents came to know of the marriage contract. Shravan had to pass many hurdles to prove his love for Siya. Later in an accident, Siya lost her memory and even after recovering suffered short-term memory loss. Shravan justifying the show’s title did not abandon her for any reason whatever it may be. The show had a happy ending.




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