Shalini Dhobal has a habit of shattering perceptions of people. While growing up, when many of her peers decided to pursue an easier career track, Shalini Dobhal chose Electrical Engineering. When her batch mates were busy trying their luck to get a job, Shalini chose to prepare for State PSU so that she could serve the nation. To add to everyone’s surprise, this beautiful girl tried her luck on the coveted Himalayan Buzz Miss Uttarakhand 2021.

She wowed not only the audience but also the judges with her unconventional looks, confidence, and grace to win the biggest title of Uttarakhand.

Nowadays, Shalini has taken a sabbatical from her busy schedule of photoshoots due to the pandemic so we thought of introducing this pretty beauty queen to our readers.


Let us know about your childhood and education?

My childhood wasn’t the best, because of some heart-rending experiences. People took advantage of my innocence and bullied me. I had no friends at that point. But there was a silver lining to this as I was excellent in sports and was extremely fond of performing on stage. I did my primary from Shishu Mandir and then went to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya for secondary education. I completed my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from G.B. pant University Pantnagar. Currently, I am preparing for state PSU jobs.

How did you celebrate your win?

I celebrated within my close circle, family, and friends. But the icing on the cake was that I shared my win with people from my hometown. They were so proud and elated. Sharing this joy with everyone and getting their best wishes and blessings is an unmatched experience.

What was the reaction of your friends and family?

When I was crowned, my mother had tears in her eyes – tears of joy. My father and brother were jumping with joy. My parents were receiving back-to-back calls and looking at their facial expressions made me happy. My friends were surprised and cheerful, as they had no inkling that I am participating in the pageant.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?

When my name was announced, I got reminded of the struggles first and then realized how far I have reached. I was thankful to God for giving the wings to my dreams. I also had a thought that the world is mine to conquer now and I would win it whatever it takes. I was engulfed with a sense of gratitude and responsibility, all of it at the same time.

Shalini with Mr. Uttarakhand 2021 Ayush Sehgal

Did you expect that win?

To be frank, I never thought of it that way. From the time I entered this event, I was here to improve myself and learn. I personally believe that destination is not as important as the journey we take to reach there. So, for me learning is foremost and if you can implement those learnings into your life then consider yourself a winner. From the very beginning, I didn’t just dream but worked hard and smart to improve myself. But yeah, on the D-day like every other contestant, I made a wish “What if I win this?” because I knew that would give me greater opportunities to prove myself further.

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You an Engineer & State PSU aspirant, how did pageantry strike in your mind?

Modeling always fascinated me and even without any prior experience, I knew I had it in me. So, I thought of leveraging this perfect gateway for me to explore this field. Also, this was all the way more special and amazing because of the collaboration between runway fashion management and Himalayan buzz. Thus, no question was asked. I had to do it!

Did you always want to be a Model? When did you decide to participate in Miss Uttarakhand & Why?

Yes, Modelling was my childhood dream and was very dear to me. But hailing from a small town, the idea seemed far-fetched. But being the person I am, I have always learned to dream big and not compromise with those at any cost. Thus, I paved my way through this. I am a person full of dreams.

This year seemed to be the right time for me, so I decided not to wait any further and grab this opportunity. Because letting go and regretting later is not something I do.

Shalini with Co-Model Juhi

How was yours during Miss Uttarakhand 2021?

Personally, I rate any experience by the people and the process it has to offer. On the people side, I met some great souls there. All of them with a great professional and personal outlook. They created a healthy competitive environment which helped me grow.

It can be proved by the fact that even post the win, all of them praised me and made sure to stay in touch. Talking about the process, the organizers and trainers made sure we make the best out of this opportunity. From the grooming classes to the motivating personal level, all of it helped me learn and achieve heights. All in all, it was a great experience.

Who will you say is your idol or mentor?

I must say that my family is very supportive of me. Also, I am fortunate to have a mentor like Mr. Gauraveshwar. His own journey in the industry has been greatly inspiring. Today, he is one of the most influential people in my life.

Talking of a celebrity, I admire Priyanka Chopra as an artist, and as a woman. I absolutely love everything about her, dedication, passion, confidence, and strength. I wish to emulate these qualities in my life as well.

Who was your biggest competition in Miss Uttarakhand 2021?

To be completely honest, I only consider myself as my competitor. I believe that the only roadblock in someone’s journey and success is you. So during this competition, I worked on improving my skills. Also, I tried to imbibe every good quality that other contestants had to offer. I tried to be a better version of myself every single day.

Shalini during a shoot for Images Bazar

What do you think were the judges looking at while deciding the winners?

Well, judging a beauty pageant is no game. Every contestant has unique and great individual characteristics that they bring to the table. And comparing two individuals with different skills, talents, and capabilities is a strenuous task. But what I gauged from this is that while selecting a winner, it’s not just the beauty, skills, or personality that plays a role but it is also about how responsible you are. The fact that how would you give back to society matters the most. Also, your work ethics play a pivotal role here.

Tell our readers something about your grooming habits.

I follow a proper diet regime and workout routine. Consumption of a balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is important.
For skincare, I eat less oily food and keep myself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I also visit my dermatologist for a consultation.

Any message to all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss Uttarakhand 2022?

I would like to say that trust your ability and keep your focus on the journey, the learning, and the destination will be all yours. Do understand that you are unique and all of you have something special to offer. So, instead of comparing yourself with others, learn from them and leverage your uniqueness.

Remember that your best asset in this competition is that “No one can be you”. And yeah don’t forget to enjoy while you are going through this process, it makes it easier to handle the stress.





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