Sukhvinder Singh’s culinary journey began with his grandmother, a vegetarian who mastered the art of cooking non-vegetarian dishes for her family. Her ability to gauge the right amount of salt by aroma alone left a lasting impression on him.

Born and raised in Dehradun, Sukhvinder later pursued his Hotel Management education in Hyderabad. He was subsequently recruited by the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development for an intensive two-year management training program that included extensive kitchen training.

Sukhvinder boasts a variety of certifications, including Wine and Education Trust Certified Trainer, Train the Trainer Certification, and French, among others.

Beyond his passion for food, Sukhvinder is an avid collector of vintage books, coins, stamps, comics, and other intriguing items. He is also an educationist, serving on the board of two prestigious schools in Dehradun, where he teaches young students about behavior, feelings, and manners. Additionally, he is pursuing certification in early education from Helsinki International Schools.

Throughout his hospitality career, Sukhvinder has helped many businesses evolve. One of his personal takeaways has been his herb garden, where he grows herbs used for cooking at Terra Pizzeria.

Conceptualized during the lockdown, Terra Pizzeria was inspired by the best pizza Sukhvinder ever had at an island restaurant in Finland. He prepares all sauces in-house and uses only fresh herbs, reflecting his dedication to quality and authenticity.

Terra Pizzeria stands out as the only place in Dehradun where customers can customize their pizzas in various sizes, crusts, sauces, toppings, and cheese combinations. This passion project has quickly become a beloved spot for pizza lovers around the city, known for its authentic flavors and unique customization options.




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