Yellow Marigold is a vibrant lifestyle brand nestled in the heart of Dehradun.

Ella herself is a Retail Strategist and a designer and Yellow Marigold stands as the embodiment of her creativity reflecting her keen eye for aesthetics.

Synonymous with quality and understated luxury, Yellow Marigold offers a unique Dining Experience that goes beyond mere sustenance.

The all-new Experience Studio takes the concept further, seamlessly blending exquisite shopping with delectable food in a singular space.

Here, Yellow Marigold invites guests to explore a curated selection of beautiful and unique tableware, home decor, and more. Each item, from intricately handcrafted pieces to stunning handprinted designs, serves as a genuine reflection of Indian craftsmanship.

As you journey through the store, the charming House cafe unfolds, situated in the heart of the city. This cosy café and studio handpicked and designed by Ella, provide the perfect ambience to savour a cup of coffee or indulge in a delicious meal. With the recent addition of WINE & BEER, the Yellow Marigold experience reaches new heights, enveloping visitors in a warm and inviting ambience that feels like an extension of your own space.

The House cafe, another facet of Ella’s vision, serves as a hub for various workshops and events, making it an ideal gathering place for friends and family. For those seeking an intimate setting for private get-togethers, Yellow Marigold House Cafe offers the perfect venue. Beyond the dining and shopping experiences, the exclusive tableware collection and stunning home decor have become a focal point, showcasing a palette of colours and designs curated to capture your heart.”




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