In the quaint town of Herbertpur, Vikasnagar, Dehradun, a young visionary named Naresh Tiwari began a journey that would transform the humble paan into a symbol of tradition and delight. At 31, Naresh stands as the Founder and CEO of Banarasi Paan Café, a venture that marries cultural pride with entrepreneurial spirit.

Naresh’s educational path took him from Saraswati Vidya Mandir in Babugarh to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, followed by a degree in Law (LLB) at Siddhartha Group of Institutions in Dehradun. Despite his academic achievements, it was his cultural roots and love for paan that truly defined his career trajectory.

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Banarasi Paan Café has become a culinary haven, beloved by locals, tourists, celebrities, and politicians alike. It embodies the happiness, love, and warm hospitality for which Banaras is renowned, standing as a testament to our rich religious and cultural heritage.

The journey began in 2018 when Naresh opened the first Banarasi Paan Café in Dehradun. Today, the café’s presence has expanded across multiple states in India, including Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Goa, with more outlets on the horizon. Naresh’s mission is to preserve Indian traditions and highlight the health benefits of paan leaves while offering over 70 varieties of 100% tobacco-free paan.

Naresh attributes much of his success to the unwavering support of his parents and wife, who have been his pillars of strength. Their encouragement has been crucial, especially during the early days when he faced significant challenges.

Changing the perception of paan was one of Naresh’s biggest hurdles. Many people questioned the need for a paan café when small roadside shops seemed sufficient. Overcoming this mindset required determination and the steadfast support of his wife. Naresh’s vision extended beyond his hometown, involving tireless travel and convincing potential partners to join his mission. The turning point came when entrepreneurs from across India expressed interest in replicating his model.

Today, Naresh and his team actively support these budding entrepreneurs, helping them realize their dreams. His vision for Banarasi Paan Café extends beyond national borders, aiming to put Uttarakhand on the global map. His message to society is simple: no work is too small or too big if pursued with diligence and honesty. He encourages everyone to remain true to themselves, their work, and their ethics.

Naresh Tiwari’s journey from a small town to a successful entrepreneur is a powerful testament to the impact of determination, family support, and a strong sense of purpose. It showcases how tradition can be transformed into a symbol of delight and dreams can be turned into reality.

Banarasi Paan Café was adjudged as Food & Beverage Startup of The Year at Dehradun Food Awards 2024.




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