Nitin Chaudhry is set to make his comeback after his former quit from the industry two years ago. The model has now refreshed his role in the industry as a fashion choreographer.

He will be making his choreographer role debut in the Uttarakhand Couture Week alongside Kapil Gauhri. Coming with an already established choreographer with nationwide fame is a big opportunity and challenge for the former model.

There is yet to hear from him whether he’d ever like to go back to his original career path. At present, he is the buzz of the glamour town. Being a model himself he is likely to be able to understand a newbie model better. The bar is set high for models who will be under his guidance.

Nitin has been one of the most successful models for 6 years. Now his role as a fashion choreographer, coaching other models, is something to look forward to. He is from Dehradun.

During his half decade long career, he shot for many renowned designers and brands. Amongst the brands, he walked for India Runway Week and Lakme Fashion Week and brands Cantabil and Knotted Lane. After 2017 it was a short break for him, and he is soon to be back.




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