Under the rescue operation ‘Smile’ police found Nasim Jahan, a missing girl, from Sambhal. She started crying bitterly while talking about how she was caught in the vicious circle of begging. The police found her in Haridwar. Policemen from Kaliyar Police station were checking around the Kaliyar Dargah and found her. The girl told how an old woman had got her from Sambhal and used to take 200 rs every day. But recently the old woman has gone somewhere.

The Smile operation check was held on Saturday. Rina Rawat, Constable Ravinder Rana, and Ajit Tomar found a twelve years old girl begging and she was the lost girl from Sambhal. During interrogation it was revealed that her real name was Nasim Jahan daughter of Riyazuddin from Chandausi, Sambhal. She was gone missing about two and half months ago. After that she has been begging in Kaliyar for longer than one month.

The girl told that the old woman bluffed her saying that she will take her for an outing. Later she made her beg on the railway station for 15 days and brought to Kaliyar. She used to take 200 rs every day and also ask her to get food from Langar. But recently for the past week. the old woman was not seen by her. The police handed over the responsibility of the girl to her parents. The victim’s father told that the girl was missing for two and a half month. He had registered a missing complaint in Baniyather police station.




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