After winning the Mrs India International Crown, Uttarakhand's capital city’s girl Meghna will now compete for the Misses International competition. This competition shall take place in between 18th to 23rd July in Florida. This is going to be a mega event since contestants from 85 countries shall be participating in the competition. While confident Meghna is all geared up to bag this award too and has also decided to represent her country in a traditional attire.

Meghna won the Misses India International competition this April in Atlanta and now she is preparing for the forthcoming competition in full swing. Meghna’s parents Chand Vallabh and Radha Vallabh are also excited to see their daughter’s performance in this mega competition and since Meghna stays in America, her parents already flew to their daughter’s abode to inspire and motivate her as this is going to be one of the life changing competitions for this gorgeous diva.

In one of the interviews, Meghna shared some insights of the competition where she disclosed that contestants from 85 different countries are going to participate and this is the sole reason behind the fact that she chose to wear saree because she is very much keen towards showcasing her country’s culture and traditions to the entire world. She also said that 15 contestants shall be selected on the basis of voting.

One vote costs 2 dollars and one person can vote end number of times and the votes are supposed to be made through credit cards. Meghna also shared her personal life stating that she is at present associated with some organizations that protest against domestic violence and she is also working as the operation head in one of the multinational companies. Her husband Rajeev Joshi is also very supportive towards her and he always stands by her.

Meghna said that this competition will take place for 6 days at a stretch and is going to be quite hectic although she will deliver her best performance and she is really working hard towards it.

So, if you want to offer your valuable contribution in voting then you can click on the link of and can place your respective votes. When Meghna was crowned as Mrs. India International, she was asked about her whereabouts to which she replied that she hails from the state of Uttarakhand and hearing this, the judges present there from Bollywood fraternity complemented her stating that this is the reason behind her being so beautiful. Meghna said given the chance, she will definitely talk about Uttarakhand in this mega event as well and she has appealed her country people to vote for her and make her win. Well, Meghna’s victory will definitely bring pride and glory to our country.




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