It is a common lament in modern era among the people of Uttarakhand that marriages and the functions around it witness mindless and depraved celebrations fuelled by liquor and vulgar songs.

To address this social evil, a group of dedicated women called “Swaragini” under the banner of Mahila Navjagran Samiti has taken onus to restore the rich and diverse culture of Uttarakhand to its former glory.

A year back Swaragini started performing traditional native “Mangal Geet” incorporating folk dance and songs of Uttarakhand. Prior to the efforts made by Swaragini, the wedding scene was dominated by Bollywood songs and Punjabi Hip Hop which neither had any connection with our culture nor did it reflect our societal morals. People of all age groups, dismayed by vulgar Bollywood songs, appreciated Swaragini’s initiative with great enthusiasm.

Buoyed by the success of their initiative, even Uttarakhandis settled in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur are heading to Mahila Navjagran Samiti’s to sing Mangal Geet in the marriages.

Such has been the popularity of Swaragini that even though the year has just started, their event calendar is already full for 2017.




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