The day the villagers and their livestock were being attacked, they decided to rely on the devotion towards the presiding deity. With the immense devotion of the Pilkholi residents, the mother goddess was impressed and appeared in the dream of one of the villagers and told him about the muffled statue. The statue was installed at the shrine of the goddess.

 It is believed that since the prayers began, the villagers became free from the tyranny of wild animals. It is also believed that once a person's wish was fulfilled by Goddess   the Goddess when he expressed his desire to dream like children swing dangling. Villagers have prepared a swing set that has a statue of the mother.

 Since then, the temple has become known as the seesaw Goddess. It is said that this temple and the temple of the 14th-century statue stolen in 1959, still have not been found. People wholeheartedly believe that the worship of the temple Goddess fulfils every request of people with the votive

The devout faith tells the story of myriad bells. The bells in the temple by devotees are climbing on oath. It is located about 7 km from Ranikhet town which is a popular religious site and it is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga. Chaitra Navratri is a special ritual in the temple.




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