Recently the Airport Authority of India has passed the long-term pending proposal for construction of an International Terminal at the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Considering the rapid economic progress of the state and the vast number of tourists that are attracted here this was a major decision to be taken. An international terminal was inevitably required to counter the transportation problems faced by foreign tourists as well as for the accelerated growth of the state. Dehradun being a hilly terrain was not accessible despite being the capital of the nation’s most developing state Uttarakhand. Now that the approval for the International Terminal at Jolly Grant Airport has been sanctioned, the construction work will soon be kick started.

The International Terminal is supposed to rake a budget of 346.23 crores solely for the construction of it. Other infrastructure such as expanding the runway and providing an extra spacious parking will be taken up later. The international terminal of Jolly Grant airport will be constructed in an area of around 30000 square km. Despite this huge area, the airport will need to be vacated at the times of landing of military aircraft and other bigger airplanes.

The Jolly Grant airport currently has the area for the construction of the international terminal albeit it will not suffice the cause. Hence, the surrounding forest land and other private property will need to be acquired for the purpose. This will take time and hence it is too early to predict the blueprint or the design of the international Terminal of Jolly Grant.

An expanded parking is the most important thing in the agenda of the construction of the international terminal at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. This is mainly because the wings of the gigantic air crafts like C 17 with 53 m wide wings can clash and lead to catastrophe. In addition, many new imported aircrafts have been bought or will be bought in the near future. All these will require the airport to be vacated and so there is a need for a double capacity parking arena.

Cashless transactions, advanced checking facilities, high-end security, imported latest air crafts and other assets have been planned in advance for the new international terminal expansion of the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

The Airport Authority Head Quarters at New Delhi will soon release the tenders for the international terminal.

Once the construction of the International Terminal at Jolly Grant Airport completes, Dehradun will soon take off.




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