Women’s cricket finally got its much deserved respect and attention, after the recent loss. Uttarakhand’s daughter Ekta Bisht is being sung as the hero. India got a major victory beating Pakistan team by 95 runs and winning the 3rd match in line. Ekta Bisht who is a spin bowler knocked off Ayesha Zafar during her first over after 1 run. The Indian women players were in a form beyond the expectation of the opposite team. None of the opposite team members could reach a double digit score except two. Ekta Bisht alone took 5 wickets and was the star of the match.

The first and last wickets were taken by Uttarakhand players. Ekta Bisht took 5 wickets in 10 overs and North Kashi Mansi Joshi took 9 runs in 6.1 over equivalent to 2 wickets. The recent miss at Champions Trophy was not easy for the country to accept. The entire social media was flooded with hate ridden remarks. The victory at ICC Women’s World Cup seemed equally dicey. But these two women turned the tables on the Pakistani team and won hearts along with the match.

Ekta Bisht is from Almora district in Uttarakhand and this is her first major victory. She got 18 runs in 10 overs and gave 2 maiden overs. A total of 5 wickets were scalped by Ekta Bisht. Sachin Tendulkar also praised her for her fielding skills. This is a rare incident that the cricket legend spoke about any woman cricketer.

Uttarakhand has been bringing laurels to the nation. Fashion, education, politics, modernization, arts, cricket, acting, army officers and so many reasons, have Uttarakhand taking over the entire country. The single state has got more talent than the rest of nation.




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