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Gweel Bhairav Temple, where Only a Dalit Can Become Priest

There are several conflicts of religion, race,and caste all over the world, but there is a temple in Uttrakhand which spreads the message of reverence as the sole requirement for the worship of God.

This temple is situated in a Mushyakhand village in the Pauri District in Dhumacote Tehsil. It may not be the most popular temple, but its uniqueness lies in the message of Humanity.

Rising above the shackles of caste, religion, this temple has created a landmark to become an inspiration for other temples. Located in the Mushyakhand village of Dhumacote block this temple is dedicated to BhagwaanGweelBhairav. The sacred temple of Gweel Bhairav has been in an outstanding example of humanity.

On one side where woman and Dalits are restricted from entering few temples whereas GweelBhairav temple of Dhumacote has Pujaris from Dalit background that was considered as suppressed by the Upper Caste Brahmins.

Pujaris, who belong to the Dalit community of Mehragaon Village offers all religious rituals and distribute the Prasada after the completion of Puja Archana.

There’s also a belief that people who refused the offering from the Dalit priests of the temple have seen an Undesirable consequence in their life.

While in our country, there are still many temples where  devotees from Dalit community are completely denied entry into the temple premises. Amongst these, the temple of GweelBhairav is like a Lamp which crosses the hurdles of religion to preach the true message of Humanity.



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