Uttrakhand achieved the name of “Land of Gods” because resides in every single atom of this pious state. Although the entire area of Uttrakhand is filled with all ranges of the temples including from very small to very large, but the Golu Devta Temple situated in the Kumaon region stands uniquely because of the huge number of followers, where people’s faith in God can be measured by the number of bells tied in the temple and the amount of paper on which desires are written in the hope of their fulfillment. Golu Devta Temple is located in the Chitai, Tarikhet and Gairad of Almora district and  in Ghorakhal of Nainital District.


Golu Devta There’s a belief that people who are deprived of justice come to this temple in the hope of getting justified. Lakhs of devotees visit this temple in Chitai mostly for the same particular reason that is to get justice. They jot down their desires on a piece of paper or a stamp paper and tie them to the temple bell or to the railing. On completion of the faithful desire the devotees render their faith by offering bells made up of brass, strange but very faithful offering by the devotees.


According to the belief, the main court of Golu Devta is located in Champawat  of Uttrakhand, but devotees are not allowed to visit with the list of their wishes and here Golu Devta’s alter is 24×7 illuminated with lamp. Though the pilgrims come every day on Tuesdays and Saturdays they come in much bush population.


There is one more Golu Devta temple in the Malli Devariya village of Kiccha district which is equally crowded as compared to the Chitai Golu Devta Temple. 





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