Homosexuals, gay and same sex marriage is yet to be accepted mentally by a part of Indian society. Some people still haven’t been able to take gay couples as a reality. But two men have ditched the societal set rules and married in Almora district of Uttarakhand. Some advanced countries have passed legal approvals for such marriages but most countries don’t permit such relationships. Some countries have strict punishments for such association of two men to live as a couple. Love knows no boundaries and now it doesn’t even recognise sexual difference as a need. Recently two young men in Sarso village of Almora district have married each other and made it public.

Lalit Kumar better known as Vikki aged 31 years has married Amit Kumar 26 years old. Their love story began in 2008, about 9 years ago when the world did not have the upsurge for LGBT movement. One can anticipate the reaction of their families even without mentioning it. There was a lot of resilience from either family and they tried to convince the boys to leave each other. But the two loved deeply and now are married. They did not care for the differences and norms that society imposed on them. Amit left his family forever to live with Lalit, and married in the Bhagwati Mandir. Lalit says that he will soon convince his parents about the marriage.

The two of them have well established career lives, Amit is employed in Dhauladevi Health department and Lalit works in Water department. They can live their lives together financially independent of anyone.

An advocate enlightened that such marriages are still not legal in India. This association doesn’t come under any special marriage act nor any personal law. Only under clause 21, this is only justified by the argument that it is a personal choice. There will be no enquiry unless either of them files a complaint against the other one. Though this is not legal it is not considered a crime under Indian law either.




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