For Shivi Chaddha, food transcends mere sustenance; it is an emotion, a source of income, prestige, and fulfillment. Food is the cornerstone of his life, a testament to his existence.

Shivi’s journey commenced in 2012 during his B.Tech’s second semester. One day, his mother called to inform him that his father had opened a “parantha” stall to support their family. This news disheartened Shivi, knowing the lengths his father had to go to sustain them.

Seeking guidance, Shivi approached his friend Ashish Goyal’s father, who generously offered his restaurant on lease without any advance or deposit, even promising training support. While Shivi was enthusiastic about the proposal, his family, especially his father, was apprehensive due to the financial risks. However, Shivi’s determination to succeed outweighed their doubts.

On July 29th, Ashish handed over the keys to the restaurant, and on August 4th, Dosa Plaza Punjabi opened its doors. Shivi worked tirelessly, commuting daily from Dehradun, serving as a waiter, and cooking food. Throughout this journey, divine support and their unwavering commitment to service and quality sustained them.

Six months into the venture, a critical moment occurred when two staff members fell ill, and the third started throwing tantrums. Realizing the need to learn cooking for smooth operations, Shivi dedicated himself to mastering the kitchen, a skill he now takes immense pride in.

For the first 12-18 months, they operated on a no-profit-no-loss basis. Nevertheless, their small successes fueled their enthusiasm, allowing them to successfully run the restaurant for eight years. One day, an acquaintance belittled Shivi’s achievements, suggesting that running a restaurant was not a significant accomplishment. This remark struck a chord, prompting him to re-evaluate his progress.

The same year, Shivi got married, and his brother-in-law suggested he write a book on running a restaurant. Despite initial doubts about his writing abilities, Shivi decided to proceed, hiring a ghostwriter to help bring his ideas to life. The book, “Restaurant Secrets,” was successfully released.

Buoyed by this new venture, Shivi opened a new restaurant, Upstate by Shivi, which became an instant hit despite concerns about its high prices. They served high-quality, fusion cuisine with dedication and passion, proving that people would pay for a fine dining experience.

Following this success, Shivi launched another restaurant, Swad by Shivi, which also became popular. Over 12 years, Shivi has opened three restaurants and one hotel, taking pride in his love for cooking and his passion for providing good food to people.

Food has given Shivi everything, and his journey, marked by perseverance and a commitment to quality, has transformed his life. He is proud of his culinary skills and the impact his establishments have made in the culinary world.




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