After the grand success of the music track, “Shimla tha ghar” Deepak Rathore is ready to sweep his fans off their feet with another tour de force music video. The name of this new video has been finalized as ‘Suna Pada’. It is much anticipated by the fans as is the star cast of the music record.

Deepak’s masterwork will hit the charts and undoubtedly top them with his new number “Suna Pada”. There are many matchless elements in this new video which were never seen before. The music video has been filmed amongst beautiful locations of Shimla in minus 4-degree temperatures. The snow covered mountains, pine trees, terrace farms, fruit orchards and the eye capturing the beauty of Shimla has been the best muse for Deepak in his entire career. The filming has been done with the at most dedication to leaving the audience smitten.

Deepak had gained overnight stardom with his earlier work and now fans have held their hopes high for his upcoming video. The music of the video would be better left unasked about. Putting the beauty of the music and lyrics to the word will be mortifying its charisma and adorability.

The video is going to be released under the banner of Snow Leopard production house. Young links is the outsourcing partner. Various artists who wanted to be on camera have got a once in lifetime kind of chance to show their talent.

The music video has Mohit Sharma from Solan, Shruti from Shimla, Riti from Shimla, Pushplata Tegta from Shimla, Shaerik from Shimla, Pooja Verma from Kasuali, Dheeraj and Ankit from Shimla sharing the protagonists’ label. Atul Sharma and Aman Verma are a part of the production and supporting team.

A lot of hard work has been put into the filming of the video and the artists have faced a lot of extreme conditions. It was only their zeal and passion that has made this video come out as an exquisite work of art.

Only due to efforts of youngsters like Deepak Rathore, does the young generation feel inspired to take up unconventional pathways and grind for their success? Dehradun is rightly the gem of the nation to have countless promising talents like Deepak who admire him as their role model.




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