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Birthi Fall: The Majestic Beauty

The State of Uttarakhand has always been famous for its enchanting beauty comprising of the beautiful mountains, serene rivers, and affluent waterfalls. Amidst these stunning waterfalls, lies one distinctive yet magnificent waterfall named Birthi Fall.

 The waterfall is more than 400 feet high. It is located about 39 km away from Munsyari. Since it is a massive waterfall so it appears perceptible from quite a distance and it’s indeed a soothing treat to the eyes. Adding to this delightful beauty are the rainbow streaks that emerge in the clear luminous sky.


 Most people are unaware of this vivid panorama of the Birthi Fall. The most suitable time of the year to visit Birthi Fall is somewhere from September to June, since, from July onwards heavy rainfall takes place here. 

Although, I am pretty sure that on discovering such magnificent falls in Uttarakhand, anybody and everybody would appreciate and adore this captivating splendor as one can never get enough of this amazing spectacle.



Amit Sah
Traveller & Writer

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