The fashion industry is one of the dynamic industries in the world. Every moment, new designs, style trends, new fabrics, and new models are been introduced to the world.
Every day there is a new model who is catching the eyes of the industry and is proclaimed as the next big thing! But there are some models in the industry whose impact is such that even after years, they are considered the gold standard of modeling.

Here are 6 Indian male models who are still going strong in the industry by their hot looks and ever-green charisma.

Manu Bora

Known as the hottest doctor in India Manu Bora literally ruled the fashion industry for a decade. This Gurgaon-based Model who is a medical doctor by profession is undoubtedly one of the most handsome models in India. Manu has worked for all major brands in India & has dazzled the major fashion weeks for a decade.

Bardeep Dhiman

We never saw Greek Gods in real but we can imagine they must have looked like Bardeep for sure. Innocent eyes & sharp jawline make him truly a stunning model for all reasons. At present Bardeep is considered an A-lister in the fashion industry and can be seen everywhere.

Ravi Goswami

We won’t blame you if you confuse Ravi with some marble sculptures in the city of Rome. His deep eyes, curly hair & rugged body make him one of the most handsome Indian models. Ravi is based in the fashion capital – Milan & works throughout Europe including other major fashion hubs like Paris, Florence, etc.

Vivek Dhiman

Vivek catches everyone’s attention with his boyish charm & manly rough looks. He is one of the hottest models in India which can be proved by his stunning pictures. Vivek is in hot demand at the present time and worked with all major designers in India including Sabyasachi, Shantanu & Nikhil Etc.

Prabh Uppal

Another decade-defining model Prabh Uppal needs no introduction in the fashion industry. Prabh is known for his flexible body & seductive looks. Prabh was considered the sexiest model throughout the 2010s and worked with nearly all major designers & walked in all major runways.




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