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10 Most Romantic Spots in Dehradun

Dehradun can undoubtedly be regarded as one of the most celebrated destinations for the love birds. The mountainous valley cordially invites the couples to spend some of their golden days in the lap of nature. Couples of different age groups invariably respond to this call and rush to explore the place of scenic beauty and create some memories to be cherished forever. Love can be felt and lovers can be found in the lanes and by-lanes of Dehradun. Still, there are some of the spots in Dehradun which mesmerize the lovers and thus are prescribed to be the hotspots for the couples. Though some of the places have given into the hands of commercialization, still there are many sites that suffice the couples’ desire.

1. Mussoorie Road

The thoroughfare that connects Dehradun with Mussoorie, attracts the blooming lovers mostly. The school couples can be seen pervading the entire pathway with their hearts fulfilled with budding love. Teenager couples aged 14-20 roam around the spots like DIT College Campus, Kuthal Gate Shiv Temple etc. The Maggie Points also give delight to the young lovers by serving palatable hot and spicy maggie. The Maggie Points have turned their names into Lover’s Points due to their immense popularity among the lovers.

2. FRI Campus

This place has recently earned fame being the shooting spot of a number of hit Bollywood movies. Apart from this FRI also enthralls the couples with its scenic beauty and captivating architectural designs. One also loves to witness winged animals gliding across the ground. The wide range of various plants and trees adds to the beauty of the campus. Eminent models are found choosing spots for their photo shoot. This campus ground also enchants the new and wannabe photographers.

3 Buddha Temple

Believed to be the largest Buddhist Sanctuary of Asia, Buddha Temple is the most visited place in Dehradun. A huge number of travelers come to this blessed reliquary every year. This spot is considered to be a nice spot for individuals as well as couples where they can spend some quality time with friends, family, and partners.

4. Kaulagarh Road

Kaulagarh road welcomes couples with open hands to satisfy their glutton. One can find the myriad of momo corners, eateries, yogurt parlors from Kishan Nagar Chauk to Kaulagarh street to Ballapur where the couples can enjoy the taste of mouth-watering dishes.

5. Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is that perfect place where every couple wishes to go. Sauntering through the crystal clear water streams with arms clung round the partner’s neck establishes a romantic bond between the two. Hence this place can easily be regarded as a standout among the lovers’ spots.

6. Cloud Ends

Cloud ends marks the end of the densely populated Mussoorie which is surrounded by Oak and Deodar forest. This hill station provides the couples with a sense of peace, tranquility in pleasant weather. Cloud Ends is termed as the center point of sentiment.

7. MDDA Park

This park, situated in Rajpur Road is termed as an official dating park where a couple can enjoy the view of the beautiful mountain sitting on the benches. They can also enjoy the wonderful view of the fountains after the sunset. The pleasant atmosphere adds to the magnificence of the spot.

8. Maal Devta

Maal Devta is an ideal spot to give some respite from the hustle bustle of the daily life. It is a territory situated at a considerable distance from the city rabble where one can get relaxed and refreshed with a touch of nature. Thus  the place is warmly adored by the couples who come here to get a relief from their monotonous days.

9. Santhala Devi Road

This sanctuary, located at a long distance from the clamors of the city defines the senses of peace and tranquility. When one can spend some quality time with his partner in such a serene atmosphere, who wants to lose the opportunity?

1o. Rajpur Road

The heart of the city Rajpur road is a bit different from the above ones. It is the center of attraction for the young night buzz. Couples are often seen wandering and shopping with the utmost energy. This is a place every youngster just relish to explore.



Gaurav Singh
Entrepreneur & Writer

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