After years in the hospitality industry, including a stint at a prestigious 5-star hotel in Rishikesh, Amit always felt there was a dearth of affordable and enjoyable leisure options in Dehradun.

He became doubly sure of the situation when, while celebrating his anniversary with his wife, he had a tough time finding a relaxing spot in the bustling city!

The chaotic traffic, rushed service and of course, the extravagant prices sparked the idea in him to create a place where people could truly unwind without burning a hole in their pockets. And this is the story behind how Maldevta Farms came into existence!

Nestled in the serene Maldevta area, away from the crowds of popular picnic spots, Maldevta Farms offers a peaceful retreat amidst rich biodiversity. Guests can relax in the lush, natural surroundings, spot rare birds and species. And all of this without breaking the bank!

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Embodying Amit Minocha’s vision of affordability and freedom, the resort charges a nominal maintenance fee of Rs. 100 per day, allowing visitors to spend the entire day without feeling obliged to order food. This approach quickly resonated with locals, students, and tourists alike, propelling Maldevta Farms to become one of the most popular and loved family resorts in the city!

Beyond leisure, the resort caters to a variety of events, from destination weddings to private parties and educational trips for students.

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Today, the company boasts a valuation of 50 Crores, a true testament to Minocha’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to providing accessible leisure options in Dehradun




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